My name is Mishelle Lane, and this is my personal weblog.

Mishi's Art Hub

New Orleans {Heart}

Fall of 1994:  Visited with Michael for the first time during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Embarrassed as I am to admit this: I never even knew the city existed.  I never knew the history, and I surely didn’t know that I would fall in love with the sights, sounds, and smells.  For someone as texture oriented […]

Me, Myself, and I

My {Favorite} Song

I was recently asked—while I was either experiencing a panic attack or low blood sugar episode or something that was definitely a direct result of my own stupidity—what my favorite song was.   I know the person that was doing the asking was just asking to keep me reeled in during this episode, and while I […]

Me, Myself, and I, Sponsored Post

{Autumn} Obsessions

For my 1999th post—here on the beloved-and-not-yet-dead-so-don’t-you-dare-count-it-out blog—I am going to take the time to talk about this autumn’s Mishi Obsessions. 1.)  Leaves on the Ground I don’t care if they are wet, dry, crumbled, big, small, yellow, red, or orange, in a big pile or scattered about; fallen leaves beg [me] for a picture […]

Portraiture, Sponsored Post

{Accessorizing} Your Photo Shoot

There are a few interesting things on the horizon for Mishelle Lane Photography.  A week from today I will be shooting the wedding of one of my co-workers, and I have a few families interested in portraiture.   I can’t wait!  Also, a great fellow photographer friend and I have decided to get our families together […]

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