Catch Me On The Flip Side

Catch Me on the Flip Side

At Blissdom we were graced with some special guests.  First there was Ender and Nathan from Yanni’s Voices, then Chris Mann, and then Jen Lancaster.  And during each encounter I saw a sea of hands raised, poised, holding one of these nifty little devices.   I finally asked and someone said “it’s a flip” and I remember talking to one of my friends about them.  I got home and knew that I had to have one.

This morning my Flip arrived!  It’s so awesome.  I like the fact that I don’t have to take another camera bag with me.  Cause that’s exactly what I need; another bag to carry!  Not.

Here are some details about my little MinoHD Flip:

  • It’s sleek and stylish (seriously this matters to me)
  • It has 4GB of memory and holds up to 60 minutes of video
  • Weighs practically nothing
  • Has 720p resolution (1280×720)
  • The sealed, rechargeable lithium ion battery gives up to 2 hours of battery life
  • Has totally neat-oh touch-sensitive buttons
  • Gives instant playback, pause, ff/rw, and delete features
  • Flipshare software makes it easy to save, organize, edit, email, upload, capture snapshots, create movies, and order DVDs to ship to anyone/anywhere
  • It’s seriously cool;  sleek and stylish (because, seriously, this matters to me)

I made a long, painfully long, video but in the end decided on posting this short and sweet one.  Sorry if you get dizzy:

You can purchase and personalize your own MinoHD Flip, here!

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8 Responses to “Catch Me On The Flip Side”
  1. I LOVE my Flip!

    That vid is hurting my ovaries.

  2. 02.17.2009

    Congrats! I opted to go with a different brand and soooo regret it. It sucks in low light, which means it sucks all winter. Blah.

  3. 02.17.2009

    I think it might have been you, Angie, who told me about yours!

  4. 02.17.2009

    I want a Flip. I saw it at Walmart for under $100, but my husband said no. My current camera (Cybershot) has video, as does our JVC camera. He doesn’t understand how nice it would be have a video-recording device that would be inconspicuous in certain situations. :(

  5. 02.17.2009

    Those Flips are so awesome! You’re going to have so much fun with it!

  6. 02.17.2009

    I just got a Flip too! But I used mine to capture a nasty porny moment in a kid’s movie…so not it’s intended use.

    BTW, your kid? Made one of my ovaries explode with his cuteness.

  7. 02.18.2009

    gottal love Toddler kisses! They’re the best! I like the clarity of this flip. I’m bummed now that I didn’t enter any of the contests I’ve seen :(

  8. 02.18.2009

    That’s a very cool toy!

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