Quality Is Their Recipe

Slogans.  There are some of these slogans that I don’t remember, but then there are a few that really stand out and are totally ingrained within me.

1969 – 1978: Quality Is Our Recipe
1978 – 1979: Juicy hamburgers
1979 – 1980: Hot-N-Juicy
1980 – 1981: Wendy’s Has the Taste You Crave
1981 – 1982: There Isn’t No Reason to Go Anyplace Else
1982 – 1985: You’re Wendy’s Kind of People
1983 – 1984: Parts are parts
1984 – 1986: Where’s the beef?
1985 – 1988: Choose Fresh, choose Wendy’s
1987 – 1993: Give a little nibble
1988 – 1992: The best burgers in the business.
1989 – 1998: The best burgers and a whole lot more
1997 – Present: You can eat great, even late
2001 – 2005: It’s hamburger bliss.
2002 – 2005: It’s better here.
2005 – 2007: Do what tastes right.
2005 – Present: It’s good to be square.
2007 – 2008: Hot Juicy Burgers
January 2008 – October 2009: It’s waaay better than fast food… It’s Wendy’s.
October 2009 – Present: You know when it’s real

Like the one that awesome little old-lady, Clara Peller, blurted out in the early eighties, “Where’s the beef?” I bet there are few people who do not remember that one.  I mean, come on, my big kids even know it!

Tonight I asked Michael what Wendy’s newest slogan was and he jingled, “You know when it’s real.”

BINGO.  Slogans work! They work even better when they are true and absolutely represent the company that adopts it as its own.

Wendy’s has been a favorite of ours for years.  Back in New Orleans, before we had kids, there was a Wendy’s on Claiborne that we frequented many-a-time to get some late night munchies.   Later on, when my mom would take me and the kids to lunch, we’d visit the Wendy’s on the corner of Milestrip and McKinley  (and this was the place where I fell in love with their salads.)   Now, here in Dawsonville, when we want to have a fun family food night we often times choose Wendy’s.   The kids love their burgers and will be the first to tell you that their taste is superior to any fast food burger joint.   Me?  I won’t lie—there are times, when I channel Miss Clara,  blurting out, “Where’s the Beef!”, but deep down, though, I’m still a major fan of the salads.

That’s why today was so awesome.

I was invited, with a bunch of local Atlanta bloggers, to try out Wendy’s newest menu addition.   It’s called “Pick Two”.  Basically, there are four 1/2 salads to choose from and seven second choices, making a total of twenty-eight combinations, all for $4.99.

Wendy’s understands that for many people, a half-size salad is enough to satisfy their appetites and tastebuds. People who crave real ingredients but also want to manage their nutrition needs can pick Wendy’s too. Eighteen of the new combinations are less than 600 calories (without dressing), and all of them combine fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy and proteins. To view nutritional information, please visit www.wendys.com.

Best of all, I got to bring two friends with me.  Naturally, I chose Davey and Michael.

WendysPick2-1 WendysPick2-16

Michael and I both chose the Spicy Chicken Salad with Lemon Garlic Caesar Dressing and a Sour Cream & Chives Baked Potato.  Davey had about a million chicken nuggets (ok, ok, it was only about six chicken nuggets which was totally strange because he’s a slave for a good burger.)

WendysPick2-30 WendysPick2-29 WendysPick2-27

I was really pleased with the portion size, and I know as a woman who practices portion control this was a big benefit. After eating my two picks I was absolutely satisfied; not only in the fact that I was not hungry anymore, but also in the taste-bud department.

I know that if I’m out and about and need a quick (and SAFE) meal that I can stop at Wendy’s and “Pick 2”.   That’s huge.  That makes me feel in control, and I know that many will benefit from these improved choices that are available through this menu adaptation.    A) I won’t be hungry after the meal, and B) It’ll taste fantastic! What could be better?


Today was a great day seeing some of my old blogger friends and making new ones, too!

WendysPick2-23 WendysPick2-24

[Disclosure:  Wendy’s treated me and my two handsome BFFs to lunch today.  I was compensated for my time, but all my opinions and feelings in this post are purely my own.  Many thank yous to both Wendy’s and The Motherhood.]

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6 Responses to “Quality Is Their Recipe”
  1. 10.21.2010

    I love Wendy’s stuff. But my fave??? Triple Cheeseburger with a side of Chili after an evening of excessive drinking.

  2. Now THAT’S what I’m TALKIN’ about! Go Lou!

    I’m a quarter lb cheeseburger with bacon and heavy pickles girl. :)

  3. Mmm… Double cheeseburger and a frosty…now I’m hunrgry!

  4. 10.22.2010

    Oh, God, they have this one burger that I usually get when I’m in the burger mood. It’s HEAVEN!!

  5. 10.22.2010

    I know, it’s 8:40am, and I could totally go for that combo!! :) Good thing I’m making burgers for lunch today.

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