Bring More Vitality to Your House with Vinyl Stickers

Do you think your walls are monotonous and boring?
Do you think you need some fresh air, so-to-speak, in your home? 
Did you ever think of applying that little bit of extra decor to make it more inviting and beautiful?

I would like to recommend some simple decorations for your house that are very popular these days— vinyl stickers!   These type of stickers are mainly vinyl and harmless to [our]  health.  They are colorful and come in different patterns and styles.

Easily Used

Since this vinyl sticker is self-adhesive and hassle-free, you don’t need to use any type of glue or adhesive tape. Just peel off the cover of the stickers and then apply them where ever you would like to around your home.   Also, with the advantage of being removable you can change for another decorative sticker sticker, any time you like,  by simply peeling it off.   There will be nothing left on the walls.   Easy-peasy!


Various Patterns

Being one of the most popular and inexpensive decorations, as of late, there are more patterns and styles than you can imagine.  One of the top sellers are the tree decals for walls, in the plants & flowers category. Your living room could be transformed by lush, green trees, colorful flowers, with some fluttering butterflies around them.  Your bedroom could become a gentle sanctuary with large,  beautiful roses rising on your walls or, better yet, some gorgeous sakura blossoms.   Tree and flower decals would totally make your rooms more fresh and vital.  Another popular category are the stickers in the nursery category.   The decals include growth charts (to document how fast your baby grows, which will happen in the blink of an eye—trust me), alphabet wallpapers, and even black chalkboard decals to foster writing and creativity.    I so love the idea of the black chalkboard decal because it doesn’t involve painting the chalk paint on your walls.   No muss, no fuss!


Vinyl wall art stickers can definitely help you transform your walls.  They’ll go from boring to awesome, in an instant.   The possibilities are endless!



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