It’s Spring!

Spring is here!  Time to say goodbye to the shorter and colder days.  It’s time for the grass to get greener, flowers to bloom, pollen, warmer temps, and rain.  Rain makes me cringe, thought,  since we have to walk Beauford-the-big-black-lab on a leash.   Our yard can quickly become a torrent.   That’s where the Wellington styled boots come in.

Lately, I’ve been seeing quite a few people wearing these and I must say that they’ve gotten so much cute over the years.   My first recollection of these boots are boots that my grandfather wore to work in his garden.  They were black with orange soles.  Michael and I had a pair of boots that we shared when we had Sadie and Summer.  We affectionately referred to them as “Jukie Boots”!   Boy have they come a long way in the cuteness and wear-ability department.   Flowers, polka-dots, rad colors, and stripes; oh my!  Which ones should I choose?   I’m leaning towards the flowered ones on the left!

UK friends visit Jones Bootmaker for great deals on all kinds of shoes, boots, bags and accessories.  There’s a ton of great name brands, too.

US friends visit Zappos for equally awesome deals!

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