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Mo gave me this Galileo Thermometer. She was afraid to pack it, as she was certain it would break. So, instead, she bestowed it upon me. It is now housed on our entertainment stand and it’s a lovely addition, as well as a reminder of my friend. It was sunny a few days ago and I gave this beauty a photo shoot. The two shots I am sharing are my favorites!





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38 Responses to “Photohunt: Glass”
  1. 04.05.2008

    Wow, that is REALLY cool!

  2. 04.05.2008

    Awesome! :-)

  3. 04.05.2008


  4. 04.05.2008

    I LOOOOOOOOVE those thermometers! They are sO pretty! Very nice!!!

  5. 04.05.2008

    What a beautiful object. An excellent photo also. I never seen anything like that.

  6. 04.05.2008

    Wow…..I want one now!!!! Beautiful photos as always.

    My ‘glass’ is shared, I sure hope you can find time to drop by for a visit if you haven’t already.

    Happy Saturday to you, and happy hunting!!!

  7. 04.05.2008

    I wonder how they did that. Hmmm…

    Do check out my photo hunt too!

  8. 04.05.2008

    Cool. First time I’ve seen one.

  9. 04.05.2008

    Cool! Never knew about this until today. Such a very clever tool!

  10. 04.05.2008

    The first shot is gorgeous~
    I definitely get a galileo thermometer for decorative purpose if I ever come across it. Which I think is hard!! I’ve never seen one before in my life :P
    Thanks for sharing this item and the beautiful shots of it :)

  11. 04.05.2008

    We have one of those in my husband’s office. They are fun to watch as the temperature changes so rapidly here the balls are constantly on the move.

    That first photo is wonderful! Great close-up.

  12. 04.05.2008

    I LOVE those thermometers. I need to get me one — or six. :)

  13. 04.05.2008

    Fabulous shots. Gorgeous.

  14. 04.05.2008

    So cool.

  15. 04.05.2008

    Great shots of an interesting article. And thanks for including the link – I would have had no idea what a Galileo thermometer was, otherwise. Have a lovely weekend!

  16. 04.05.2008

    That is a beautiful photo and a beautiful thermometer!
    GReat choice for the week!
    happy weekend

  17. 04.05.2008

    Very cool!

  18. 04.05.2008

    That is georgous!! You always use such wonderful angles!

  19. 04.05.2008

    Wow, that’s a beautiful object!! Well done with the photo too!

  20. 04.05.2008

    Those are cool… lovely photos.

  21. 04.05.2008

    Your first shot rocks! Love it. Happy weekend (=

  22. 04.05.2008

    A beautiful glass object and two beautiful shots!

    Have a great weekend.

  23. 04.05.2008

    That first photo is reeeeally lovely, you captured the glass perfectly.

  24. 04.05.2008

    That’s just awesome! I’ve always wanted one of those & someday I WILL have one ;)

  25. 04.05.2008

    Beautiful photos!

  26. 04.05.2008

    wow, that is very nice

  27. 04.05.2008

    Just PER-FECT!!!!!
    Lovely object, lovely perspective, great angle, and the windows echo the beauty of it!
    I bow my head to thee ….

  28. 04.05.2008

    Very, Very Cool.

  29. 04.05.2008

    Cool. First time I’ve seen one. Great shots!

  30. 04.05.2008

    Beautiful item – we had an arguement over one of this as a Kris Kringle christmas gift -that everyone wanted

    Beautiful colours and love the light
    Mine is up

    My Little Drummer boys

  31. 04.05.2008

    An eXquisite gift ~ unique and beautiful. What a lovely gesture from your friend. That first shot is fantastic! ThanX for the visit and comment.

  32. 04.05.2008

    First one is terrific! Have a great Sunday!

  33. 04.05.2008

    Beautiful I have always wanted one…mine is posted, downtown gettin ready the for Johnny Depp movie.

  34. 04.05.2008

    Those thermometers are so very cool. My daughter has one, but I never thought to photograph it. Both shots are great, but I really like that first one.

    I played too.

  35. 04.06.2008

    Great shots! Super perspective.

  36. 04.06.2008

    I always wanted one of those! Beautiful shots :-)

    Thanks for visiting!

  37. 04.06.2008

    Those are so cool, I would be afraid to try to move that as well.

  38. 04.08.2008

    Great shots – and a fabulous device! I had to check out the link to ‘howstuffworks’ because I didn’t have a clue, I’ve never seen such a thermometer! So I learnt something new at my old age, thanks!! :D

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