Weekly Winners XXX



Can You Feel the Love?


What’s Hiding in the Shadows?


Who’s Fighting Who?


Why Was I Charged Twice?


What’s This Rock? Or is it a Mineral?


When Will the Saints Come Marching In?



Which One is Your Favorite?


Is It Sweet, Girls?


Why Can’t I Find a Shirt This Color?


*Photos below taken with my new 50mm f1.4 lens


Is This Love?


When Will the Rest of You Catch Up?


Is This My Destiny?



Where Can You Find More of Mishelle’s Photography?







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30 Responses to “Weekly Winners XXX”
  1. 06.08.2008

    That’s a great pic of your daughter with the dog! Are you lovin’ the new camera?

  2. 06.08.2008

    woot hoot…..woo hoo….oooooooooo ooooooo a new lens….and a rockin awesome one at that. how fun! ENJOY!

  3. 06.08.2008

    Wow, all gorgeous, again, always. I know nothing about lenses, but I know you will impress, for definite!

  4. 06.08.2008

    Too many that I love to comment!! Keep shootin’ sister!

  5. 06.08.2008

    *sighs*.. just lovely Mishelle..

    I like the bridge??? best I think.
    Nope I have just checked and rechecked.. i cant make up my mind at all..

    cheers Kim xxx

  6. 06.08.2008

    Great shots! Love the one with the doggie and your daughter. :)

  7. 06.08.2008

    These are lovely, as usual. You get such great color in your pictures.

  8. 06.08.2008

    OH my…your skill with the camera and ability to find the perfect angle, light, and sugject is just amazing. AMAZING.

  9. 06.08.2008

    Ahhh… those are all lovely! :) I can’t decide which I like the best.

  10. 06.08.2008

    As usual, I can’t pick a favorite – I love your daughter and the dog, and I also love the purple flower that you took with the new lens.

    You are just awesome!

  11. 06.08.2008

    These are ALL great Mishelle! I don’t know that I could choose a fave if I had to ;) Great winners this week :)

  12. 06.08.2008

    Oh wow! Congrats on the new lens! Those 3 pics are awesome!
    I love the one of the kids standing back to back.

  13. 06.08.2008

    “Can you feel the love?” and “Is this love?” are my favorites, but ALL are beautiful. :)

  14. 06.08.2008

    I couldn’t wait to see your shots with your new lens! You didn’t disappoint, great photos!

  15. 06.08.2008

    I’m jealous about your new lens!! I’d love to get one!

    But your pictures are all gorgeous, as always. The shadows one is wonderfully done.

  16. 06.08.2008

    Beautiful! :)

  17. 06.08.2008

    My favorite is the one of Is this love?

  18. 06.08.2008

    Beautiful. Love the shots of the Saints jerseys. :-D

  19. 06.08.2008

    Great photos. I really love the last two flower shots!

  20. I love the watermelon photo! The lighting, colors, and subject just scream summer fun!!

  21. 06.08.2008

    They’re all beautiful!

    I agree on the “screaming fun summer” :P

    My favorites are the first one (why can’t I get a shot like that?) and the sea shells.

  22. 06.08.2008

    The new camera pics are even more amazing then the others…my favorite is the daisy picture. All your pictures are just beautiful.

  23. 06.08.2008

    Awesome pics!

  24. 06.08.2008

    Mishelle, your pictures totally rock! Unbelievably beautiful, a feast for my eyes.

    Have a great week, and thanks for dropping by! :-)

  25. 06.08.2008

    i TOTALLY love your stuff. can i be you when i grow up?

  26. 06.09.2008

    beautiful… as always! I always enjoy your pictures.

  27. 06.09.2008

    Excellent stuff. The lens I bought with my camera (I bought body only) is the 50mm f 1.8. I have no idea what the “point” difference is, but I LOVE my lens!

  28. 06.10.2008

    mishelle -these are all wonderful. I love Davey and Livy, and Livy witht he dog. Aww

    My Little Drummer boys

  29. 06.10.2008

    Your photos always rock my socks, and your captions are equally amazing :) Love them all!

  30. Jana

    I’m jealous! When are you gonna come school me on some photography 101?

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