Weekly Winners XXXIV

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39 Responses to “Weekly Winners XXXIV”
  1. 07.06.2008

    i’m pretty positive that the first four pictures above are my favouritest of yours, ever.

  2. 07.06.2008

    Sunset looms really speaks to me, but Davey with a pink purse is my favorite. :P

  3. My favorties this week are the ones of the kids on the swings, the puppy dog, and the Cheez-Its. You’re so talented, you can make anything into art!

  4. 07.06.2008

    LOL at the pink handbag :) and the last one is lovely!
    I love the window shot, and the one in the hairdresser.

  5. 07.06.2008

    My favourite is the reflection!
    Did I ever mention I love reflections?

    They’re all great again this week Michelle!!!

  6. 07.06.2008

    I think the first two pics are my favourites :)

    I love the new design! I usually read through a feed so not seen this till now!

  7. 07.06.2008

    Very nice pictures. Stacking the cheese-its. Very clever.

  8. 07.06.2008

    Wow what a beautiful set of photos. You are definitely a talented photographer.

  9. 07.06.2008


    So lovely.

    All of them.

    My favorite? Hmmm… The gumballs? The pink purse? The “orange chairs”? I can’t decide.

  10. 07.06.2008

    My favorite this week was the sunset through the clouds. Amazing! I always love the photos of the kids!

  11. 07.06.2008

    I love the abandoned church – it’s so beautiful! I also like the sunset and the kids swinging. Wonderful, as always!

  12. 07.06.2008

    Great set! I really want a gumball now.

  13. 07.06.2008

    I love these all! You have such crazy talent, Mishi. Truly. The first shot is so peaceful and pretty, and the pink purse/toy gun shot cracked me up. Awesomeness!

  14. 07.06.2008

    I couldn’t take a picture in a warzone that was as moving as your Cheezeits picture. And that is why I loves ya.

  15. 07.06.2008

    LOVE the pink purse!!

    Of course, they’re all great, as usual!

  16. 07.06.2008

    Ohhh i love Cheez-Its. Like a little too much! Wonderful as always.

  17. I love Davey and his pink purse, Mish.

  18. 07.06.2008

    I agree with my mom, Davey with a pink purse is totally cute–looks like something Deeder would do.

    My favorite this week is the gum ball machine. Um, and everything else! You’re so gifted. :-)

  19. 07.06.2008

    These are great but my faves are the sunset & swinging buddies. I have a pic almost identical to your sunset one in my winners this week ;)

  20. 07.06.2008

    Awesome shots. I really like the abandoned church.

  21. How did you get that pic of the dog?? Mine are too busy barking at everything for me to get a good pic.

  22. 07.06.2008

    You have a very good eye for capturing things… Where is the house located, it looks like a beautiful setting! Also, what enhancing did you do to the 2nd photo…very interesting perspective.

  23. What gorgeous shots, as always!
    I’m in love with that sunset picture… oh, and the purse shot! Too funny.

  24. 07.06.2008

    those are some fantastic photos but all I could think was… Oooooooh are those cheez-its??? I love me some cheez-its and miss them. *drool*slurp*dribble*

  25. 07.06.2008

    Also, what enhancing did you do to the 2nd photo…very interesting perspective.

    Dad of Divas: I added texture to it. The picture itself has a very shallow depth of field.

  26. 07.06.2008

    Fantastic shots. Really REALLY beautiful.

  27. 07.06.2008

    Wonderful photos!

    I have never seen Cheez-Its look so beautiful. Love “Reflection, and Davey will regret that pink purse when you’re showing that to his prom date!

  28. 07.06.2008

    They are all so good! Loved the Cheez-Its, the doggy, the swings, and the 25 cents! But really – they are all so good!

  29. 07.06.2008

    Look at those crackers. I hope you didn’t eat them.They are too pretty to eat. LOL

  30. 07.06.2008

    All gorgeous, as always, but Davey with the purse takes the cake. :-)

  31. 07.06.2008

    Your children are so gorgeous! Doggie too ;)

    My favorite has to be your neighbor’s flowers with the texture. So beautiful :)

  32. 07.06.2008

    I love them all SAM – Davey and the handbag is adorable – all your kids are gorgeous.
    I love your new theme/template too – and the titles.

  33. 07.06.2008

    See you can even make left over cheez-its look amazing! Too fun. They are all incredible as usual. My favorite stop.

  34. 07.06.2008

    Wow! How beautiful pictures! I can’t pick a favourite one! :-)

    Thanks for dropping by. What a fantastic WW post you had today!

  35. 07.07.2008

    Hey Girl! These pics are amazing. You are quite the photog and I get a lot of inspiration from ya. The textures are so cool! And that picture of the sunset looming? I could stare at that for hours.


  36. 07.07.2008

    Wow. Mr Lady was right.

    And now I feel really crappy only taking pics from my cell phone…

  37. 07.07.2008

    I love the shots of the kids. Great as always. I also love the sunset sky shot. So pretty.

  38. 07.07.2008

    Great photos. I love that one with Davey and the purse! How adorable!

  39. 07.07.2008

    Every one of these brings me to my knees in awe. But Mr Lady is right, the cheezits take the prize.

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