Giving Angelina a Run for her Money?

On Tuesday night, while on the phone with my God-sister, whom I haven’t heard from in years, I started to feel a little bump developing on my lower lip.  Over the course of the night my lip would swell up to Angelia proportions.  It wasn’t as sexy as I thought it would be.

I don’t exactly know what caused this reaction, but I have a sneaking suspicion.  I think it was [the evil] Laffy Taffy.   We do a good job not to eat stuff with artificial dyes, so I think that eating a mad number of these little pieces of the devil did it.   I think I may have overdosed.  The kids believed it  enough that I was able to throw away all the artificially dyed candies left in their pumpkin buckets.

Wednesday afternoon came and the swelling started to shift, from the left side of my face, to the right.  Wednesday night came and my whole right side was swollen and tight.  I was seriously depressed over it, yo.

“Don’t look at me!” was all I could say, over and and over and over again.

This morning the swelling shifted again to the upper right side of my lip.  And now as I type I have no swelling on my lower lip, but I have this beautiful knot in the middle of my upper lip.

Right now, right here, I want to apologize to my lip for taking it for granted.
Right here, right now, I vow never to wish for plumper lips, and I vow that I will never get collagen injections.

Right now, right here, I want to tell Angelina that she can keep those succulent lips.
Right here, right now, I promise never to eat another piece of artificially dyed Laffy Taffy.  Never. Ever. Again.

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18 Responses to “Giving Angelina a Run for her Money?”
  1. Elizabeth

    Holy Lip, Batman!

  2. 11.06.2008

    aw, i hope the swelling’s gone down now!

    and from the lip to the hip: did you know that JPG Magazine is featuring a “Shooting from the Hip” theme going on this month? When I saw it I immediately thought of you! Check it out (if you haven’t already):


    Vanessa’s last blog post..self portrait challenge – mirrors #3

  3. Oh, M, that’s tough. Seriously from candy, though? That did it? Wow. That’s some allergy.

    Anglophile Football Fanatic’s last blog post..From Sea to Shining Butt Crack

  4. 11.06.2008

    Poor baby. I’m so sorry you have been so miserible these two days. Hopefully all the swelling lumps will be gone very soon.
    You’ve made me rethink those collagen injections I hadn’t even thought about getting. :)

    Patsy’s last blog post..Day 6 Thursday Thirteen #18 — I Smile Because

  5. 11.06.2008

    Pouty and plump. Yup. Avoid the candy. But you know, whenever someone says ‘never, ever again,’ it usually leads to a fall off the wagon the next weekend. Mind you, I’m talking about alcohol. And the lushes that love it.

    Zoeyjane’s last blog post..On Boundaries

  6. 11.06.2008

    It’s actually kinda cute. I hope everything is back to normal.

    Tara R.’s last blog post..Don’t make me hit you with my cane!

  7. 11.06.2008

    Well, it’s made full circle. I hope it’s over after this. Earlier I looked like Albert from Little House on the Prairie. Now I look like Barbara Hersey and Julia Roberts, mixed together.

    ZJ: I will never touch Laffy Taffy. Well, maybe. Eh, who knows what this was caused by, right?

  8. 11.06.2008

    That is some real craziness, but it sounds like a brilliant way to get the kids to dump the candy. So that you can send it ALL to me. I ain’t afraid of no dyes. ;)

    Maggie’s Mind’s last blog post..Blo Me? Blo You?

  9. Your ads are funny…

    And that lip is zexy.

    A Whole Lot of Nothing’s last blog post..Dear tongue and my masticating urges,

  10. 11.06.2008

    I thought you looked totally HOT. I didn’t even notice the lip until I read more. You’re THAT sexy!

    Mr Lady’s last blog post..The End Of Innocence

  11. 11.07.2008

    LOL, from artificial colourants? Wow!
    I didn’t notice the lip either.

  12. 11.07.2008

    I think it looks good! I’m an Angie fan though. :)

    And me likey the laffy taffy. I’m very angry that it did this to you, because you don’t like it. LOL

    Maria’s last blog post..And you sir, are a bastard.

  13. 11.07.2008

    I’d like it if it didn’t hurt. LOL I’m totally in love with Angelina’s lips. And Angelina, for that matter.

    The swelling is on my upper left side now, and the kids told me last night that I looked like Donald Duck. I’ve officially run the whole gamut.

  14. Jen

    You’re adorable, Mishi. :)

  15. 11.07.2008

    Okay, fun’s over. Give me my Mishi back, please?

    lceel’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen

  16. 11.07.2008

    I’m sorry you’re having that problem, Mishi, but I gotta tell you, your lips look absolutely luscious(no reference to myself in that description!) in that photo!

    So you haven’t convinced me not to wish for plumper lips, but I’ll stick to the plumping lipgloss & stay away from the laffy taffy. I knew there was a reason I never liked the stuff.

  17. 11.07.2008

    OMG I can’t believe that Laffy Taffy would do that. Maybe better than Botox? shrugs I hope it goes down soon.

    Lisa’s last blog post..Evel Knievel lives at our house

  18. My hubby loves him some Angelina so he would be more then willing to make out with you – lol. Glad to see things are taming down on the lip front!

    Kat- Sassy Irish Lassie’s last blog post..GoBloMeMoFo

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