l o v e t h u r s d a y

Heart Masks Mind

Oh fiery colors, how short your stay,
Merrily tantalizing my sense of sight.
Against the blue sky, as if to blaze the way,
Towards the promise of a new day, bright.

It is in autumn that I reflect the most,
The end of the year spinning my mind around.
Like the trees that wait again to host,
My thoughts pause to absorb the sound.

Through the standstill, I look forward and back,
Considering past, dreams turn to a future of hope.
I wonder: Are the trees hopeful while they lack?
Or have they just found a way to cope?

My mind it is filled with worry and doubt.
Though my heart, a hopeful tree, dreams about.

-MOL 11/6/08

S h u t t e r Sisters
c h o o k o o l o o n k s
Pensieve’s Poetic License

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27 Responses to “l o v e t h u r s d a y”
  1. 11.06.2008

    A heart-shaped hole, and a beautiful autumn poem about deeper things than seasons. I enjoyed your photo and poem so much. :)

    Joyce’s last blog post..Wordful Wednesday

  2. 11.06.2008

    You stop my breath and still my soul with your photographs and your poetry.

    I am in awe of your talent and envious of the beauty you bring to each of us who share in your daily life.

    Thank you.

    Rachel’s last blog post..Monkey Mashin, Punkin’ Pickin’ and Kiss and Tell

  3. 11.06.2008

    Nice depth of field and vibrant colors!

    orlund’s last blog post..Baby Dedication

  4. 11.06.2008

    Beautiful poem that is very autumny and deep and good. Amazing shot with the heart shape!

    The whole commentluv thing *never* pulls up my most recent post anymore – always something days old. So odd.

  5. 11.06.2008

    Fantastic shot. Thanks so much for participating!


    Chookooloonks’s last blog post..welcome back to love thursday

  6. Elizabeth


  7. 11.06.2008

    The colors in this shot are simply stunning……….and I love the smooth and silky bokeh! FANTASTIC!! HLT :o)

    Wayfaring Wanderer’s last blog post..Share the Love Giveaway Winners

  8. You amaze me.

    A Whole Lot of Nothing’s last blog post..Dear tongue and my masticating urges,

  9. 11.06.2008

    oh that’s perfectly “love”ly … I don’t have a Love Thursday image today but am pleased to see yours.

    Diane’s last blog post..October Tea (even in November)

  10. 11.06.2008

    Lovely. LOVEly leaf. Lovely poem. Lovely Mishi.

    lceel’s last blog post..The day after the night before

  11. love this photo – gorgeous!

    and I’m the dork who forgot to add my photo source at the end of my post even though I meant to… I’ve corrected that. My apologies, deary. ;0)


    karla | looking towards heaven’s last blog post..Epson Artisan 800 Printer

  12. 11.06.2008

    Beautiful picture.

    MonicaMcNeill’s last blog post..Love Thursday

  13. That heart in the leaf is so special! Beautiful.

    Angela at mommy bytes’s last blog post..Peace

  14. 11.06.2008

    stunning, that’s very clever!

  15. 11.06.2008

    I just can’t stop staring at it. Those colors are mesmerizing!

    Jamie’s last blog post..Love Thursday

  16. 11.06.2008

    gorgeous. you and I need to talk photography…

    deezee’s last blog post..Clarity

  17. 11.06.2008

    Absolutely luminous…

    sweetsalty kate’s last blog post..microeconomics

  18. 11.06.2008

    Absolutely, beautiful!

    Landon’s last blog post..My First Award! Holy Crap!!! People Read This Blog???

  19. 11.07.2008

    My goodness – this is a beautiful shot!

    Angela Klocke’s last blog post..creativity in the air

  20. 11.07.2008

    You are such a poet…the way you see, compose and unravel thought, it’s a joy to observe. I’m so glad you push yourself to participate in PPL. Which begs the question, are you pushing or does it come as naturally as it seems?

    Stunning image; I actually have some I wanted to scan for my poem, but it took me so long to finish, I punted that, lol.

    I linked for ya, you know, since you’re incapacitated and all ;).

    Robin ~ PENSIEVE’s last blog post..Change lives, change history!

  21. Combined, the photo and poem capture exactly what I’m feeling as I watch our vibrantly-colored trees lose their leaves today. Bittersweet feeling as I returned from my walk.


  22. 11.07.2008

    Very beautiful words and photograph! You are most talented.

    Karisma’s last blog post..Poetic Licence – Masked

  23. 11.07.2008

    Oh my gosh…such incredible beauty! You are incredibly beautiful. And I didn’t even notice the heart in the leaf at first…it’s like it emerged as I gazed…

    Simply Fearless’s last blog post..How to ask the Universe to send you what you DON’T want

  24. 11.08.2008

    Oh – that was absolutely lovely. I like how you juxtaposed yourself with the tree. Is Juxtaposed the right word for that? hmmm……anyway, I enjoyed the Sonnet. Beautiful.

    Karmyn R’s last blog post..NaBloPoMo #7 – or A Sonnet for the Masked…

  25. Oh, I really do like this one. I like your tone, the way you use the words. It tickles the ears. I also like it because it has to do with fall, which I love, and because I see it much the way you do – a pause, looking forward and back, reflecting. Great job.

  26. 06.04.2010

    What a beautiful photo! This is stunning!

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