4 Words

4 Words

I am This Flower

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12 Responses to “4 Words”
  1. 06.17.2009

    Very nice macro photography. I think you picked the right 4 words to describe that shot.

  2. 06.17.2009

    Beautiful photos, are these yours? You are very talented!

    My lovely grandbaby

  3. Wow. They look so fragile! Love the B&W. Makes them look even more amazing.

  4. You are seriously one of the most talented photographers I know!

  5. 06.17.2009

    The words are perfect..just like the shots..:)

  6. 06.17.2009

    Beautiful flower shots. Beautiful fitting words.

  7. 06.17.2009


  8. 06.17.2009

    Wow. W.O.W.

  9. beautiful

    you. in 4 words.

  10. 06.17.2009

    These are so beautiful!

  11. love them. You are amazing.

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