An Open Letter to my Sisters

Dear Sisters,

There are so many of you that I cannot even begin to put your names in this letter. From cousins to old friends to long lost neighbors to bulletin board mamas to blogging super stars; you are abundant in my life. You are what makes up the fiber of my being. Your similarities and differences make me whole. You are my sisterhood. There’s no other way to describe it.

When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of having my own true sister. I wanted to fight with her just to make up. I wanted to tell her a joke just to make her laugh her guts out. I wanted to steal her favorite sweater just to make her see that I wanted to be just like her. I wanted to lie for her just to show her how loyal I was and would always be. But it was all just a dream. My parents wouldn’t have any more children. I was it for them. I would have to search through my life for the ones I’d call my sisters.

When you are young you screw up a lot. Little girls have fights. Little girls make up. Little girls say they never wanna be friends again. Little girls just. don’t. know. The screwing up period lasts a long time and for some it never ends. I should know; I’ve lived it and am living it again through my daughter. Oddly enough she will be searching for her sisters in life, too. A daughter among sons; a sister without one of her own. I can only reassure her and say, “Baby, don’t worry…you will find your sisters in life. I swear.”

How do I know? Well…because I have found mine. Or they have somehow found me? Time and time again.

During my trip to Buffalo, this month, I was lucky enough to be able to see old sister-friends at MAKfest09. Then I was invited to a “Girl’s Night Out” at an old friend’s house, where many other old (and new) sister-friends came together. I photographed the children of sister-friends from high school, not to mention the ones that are related to me, bound by tradition. I sat in the apartment of one of my favorite sisters, where we laughed and felt whole. I met an old sister friend for coffee one night sharing stories about life. The minutes flew as if they were mere seconds, but we rejoiced in each other.

Then towards the end of my visit I hopped on a plane to Chicago. There I would see many sister-friends. We’d hug. We’d laugh. We’d cry. My sisters are definitely heart piercing. The whole BlogHer09 experience is one that I’m still processing chock full with so, so many highs. The only lows came during good-byes. That’s when you know you are in love with something. Your head is in the clouds while you are there. You feel oozy and dizzy and fantastically sound. But when it’s time to leave, and you’ve left, you feel a longing to be there once more. That’s what it was for me. The best part, though, and the only part that allows me to deal with the apartness from these friends is that I see them everyday. On twitter. On their blogs. On Facebook. Whenever I need them, there they are.  No matter where they are from or where they may be, I always know where to find my sisterhood.


I am lucky enough to be speaking at the up coming Type A Mom Conference. I am also lucky enough to be a part of The Sister Project.   These are just two whole new ways that I will connect and re-connect with sisters of the blogging world.  I am proud to say that…I Blog with the Sisterhood! There’s one more day to enter the sisterhood sponsorship for TAMC in September.  I urge you to tell all about your sisterhood.  Not only for the sponsorhip, but to let them know just how you feel.

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18 Responses to “An Open Letter to my Sisters”
  1. 07.30.2009

    Beautiful sentiment. Thanks. I cannot wait to meet you at the conference!

  2. 07.30.2009

    I love it all. I love how strangely sisters come together, and I think that blogging is one of the strangest ways yet.

    I wrote my sister-project post yesterday, and I enjoyed writing it so much. It made my heart beat fast. Maybe we’ll hug necks again soon.

  3. 07.30.2009

    I just did that…and it made both of us cry. What an amazing project and opportunity!! I’m hoping nd praying for the sponsorship, but the chance to write it down was wnderful!!!

  4. 07.30.2009

    In that case, let me just tell you what a pleasure it was to finally meet you. I’ve long been a fan of your photos. You are a beautiful person, lady. xo

  5. 07.30.2009

    It’s wonderful to have sisters, isn’t it? I’m so happy to count you as one of mine, my friend!

  6. 07.30.2009

    Awe. Mish. You are so lovely.

  7. Gorgeous post, Sis. :)


  8. 07.30.2009

    I only have a bio brother, so I know exactly how you feel. The wonderful women I have met blogging are like my sisters, or at least how I hoped having sisters would be like.

  9. 07.31.2009

    Aw, what a lovely post. I always wanted a sister, too (but instead have an older brother). And I feel like I, too, have found many wonderful sister-friends online and was sooo happy to meet many of them at BlogHer. Except for you! Maybe next year . . .

  10. 07.31.2009

    I think I’m jealous.

  11. Elizabeth

    This was fantastic! I love you!!

  12. 07.31.2009

    Well said Mish.. well said..

  13. 08.02.2009

    I lovez you, sistah!!

  14. 08.07.2009

    That was gorgeous, Mish. Just. Gorgeous.

  15. 10.04.2009

    I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying reading your blog entries tonight, following over from a post at casey’s blog. I love this sisterhood post!

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