Weekly Winners {Cars and Beers}

Old Car

Beer Photo Shoot

Rearview Mirror

old car


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13 Responses to “Weekly Winners {Cars and Beers}”
  1. 09.06.2010

    woo hooo! i love the angles in all these shots, mishi.
    You have such a beautiful vision.
    I wish you could have been here for beer and wine and cookies and steak with us <3

  2. 09.06.2010

    This is an amazing collections. I LOVE the shots of the car, such intriguing angles and perspectives.

  3. 09.06.2010

    My husband’s two favorite things! (besides me of course!) Love the last shot of the bottles – amazing.

  4. 09.06.2010

    These are all lovely. Mmmm. beer.

  5. 09.06.2010

    Amazing. I love close-ups of old cars…..

  6. 09.06.2010

    love the angles and the focus, loves me a corona too! ;)

  7. 09.07.2010

    I think the last one is my favorite!

  8. 09.07.2010

    Love the first shot

  9. Oh, how I do love your DOF magic. :) Awesome shots!

  10. 09.08.2010

    I didn’t realize how perfectly these go together! Well, parked and not in motion, that is.

  11. 09.08.2010

    Great perspective! I love me some Corona!

  12. 09.09.2010

    I absoutely love this series!! My husband went to a car show and took some pictures…but he was focused on the cars in general, not great shots. One of these days I’ll go with him and get some real good shots.

  13. 09.09.2010

    I LOVE the beer shots. And I don’t even really LIKE beer.

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