Needle pierces through skin.  A burning sensation begs my brain to process the feeling.  Beads of sweat begin to form on my brow.  I close my eyes and imagine the needle jetting in and out, delivering ink that will form the symbol to be carried through my life, upon my wrist, where I will be allowed to readily see.  Always, even.
There to remind me what’s important.  To remind me how I’ve changed.  It’s there to remind me to focus.

The sweat now barrels down the side of my face.  I giggle nervously; cracking a joke, I look up at the artist.   I’ll remember her forever, just like I remember the first artist that I entrusted to deliver ink to skin.  Both rooms white, only this room the music wasn’t my choice.  In this space I sat, feeling the zapping sting of her instrument, I focused on the fast beat.  I heard that sound you hear in all music.  That “zzzt zzzt zzzt” that was much like her tool of trade.  Decidedly, it was time to open my eyes.  I look down at my outstretched left arm.  With her right hand she concentrates over it.  Conversely, I concentrate on MY right hand, my camera, my tool.  The instrument of passion that I bend light with on a daily basis.  I click.  Again..  And again.  The whole time it never left the hand where it often resides.   To my left are my two eldest children.  Does it hurt, they ask.  Yes, it hurts, I breath, but it’s fine.  Passion can hurt, but rest assured, I say, it will be . . . fine.

This symbol is to be carried through my life.
Reminding me of where I’ve been, where I’m going, how far I’ve come, and how much further I have to go.

Stencil Set

Waiting For Ink

Kristin Working

The Needle That Pierced My Skin with Ink

My New Tattoo

Yesterday I wrote:

The symbol means so much to me, like the one I got in 2004. It’s an aperture at f-stop 4 with six components that come together and give focus. That represents my family; four kids making six of us, total. The ring, of course, the circle of life; a never ending circle that neither ends nor begins. Overall, it represents my passions. My familial passion. My photography passion. Life changing passions. I placed it on my wrist so that I could remember those things that make me feel good—always!


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7 Responses to “Inked”
  1. 06.03.2011

    Great tattoo and story behind it.

  2. 06.03.2011

    LOL love that you took photos while you were getting the tattoo done!!
    The symbolism is awesome… means so much more than just the image

  3. 06.03.2011

    LOVE it!!!

  4. Well ain’t that a mighty fine tattoo. Rarely have I seen one so endlessly appropriate. Well done.

  5. 06.04.2011

    i absolutely love this. i’m in the market for a tattoo where i can signify the 6 of us. so far, i’m thinking of 6 tally marks, but i should get more creative about it. this is rad.

  6. 06.04.2011

    That is INSANE. INSANELY AWESOME! It’s really the perfect tattoo for you. Well, besides #11lbs14oz

  7. 07.04.2011

    So unique and so special.

    Just how a tattoo is meant to be.

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