Why Are They Wearing Pink?

Last weekend, while watching some football, Benny noticed all the pink that the players were wearing.  He was like, “Mama, why are so many of the players wearing pink?”   I told him that they were trying to raise awareness of breast cancer during the month of October.  Then he then asked me what that was.  Oh, to be young!
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and various organizations and celebrities are coming out in force to show their support.  Celebrities from (singer) Sheryl Crow to (wrestler) John Cena are showing their support for the cause, and organizations such as Susan G. Komen for the Cure are also doing their part.  The Dallas Cowboys have launched their “I Promise” movement for a second year in a row.   Several casinos are also doing their part to try and end a disease that attacks 1 in every 8 women in the United States.


I wasn’t even surprised at all to see John Cena, whom also played football in his college days, coming out to try and help women (and many men) who fight this terrible disease.  He is known for his work with Make-A-Wish and so this seems like something he would do.
What did surprise me was when I read that even casinos support Pink Month.  Casinos in Las Vegas and Indiana were doing their part to try and raise awareness.  Some of their promotions were quite ingenious.  For example, Station Casinos will donate funds from all blackjack and poker tables that have a pink dealer box.  Also, certain foods will be made pink with proceeds from those going to breast cancer research
You don’t normally think of people that spend their days playing in a casino as folks who would be generous with their money.  At the same time, those people probably have a loved one or know of someone that has been affected by the disease.
I really have to applaud the NFL, John Cena and the WWE, the casinos in Las Vegas, and everyone that has done their part to support breast cancer research this month.  With a little luck, they will find a cure to this disease soon so that little boys in the future will never have to ask why their favorite football player, singer, or wrestler is wearing pink.

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  1. 10.22.2012

    Last year our son’s football team used pink mouth guards during October. They were able to write the names of those who were battling the disease on the strap. My SIL lost her battle in April, so this October is kind of hard for our family. But we hope and pray for those still in the battle to keep fighting the fight.

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