Moe’s Southwest Grill® “Mini Moe’s™ Birthday Party Package”

A few weeks ago we threw a birthday party with the help of Moe’s.  We got aMini Moe’s™ Birthday Party Package” that included a a color-able table cloth, balloons,  Moe’s Frisbees, temporary tattoos, bracelets, sweat bands, coloring pages with crayons, and a candy-filled piñata.    “Moe’s” came and set up a taco bar for all of our guests (young and old).   Davey really wanted to give Amber (the girl who came to set up) a complete tour of our house (especially his room), but she was very professional and declined, telling him that she had to finish her job and get back to the restaurant.   (She and I had a laugh about that the next time we were in there for lunch; Kids Eat Free Wednesday is when you can find me and my crew there, for sure!)
The ultimate star of the birthday party?   The food.  Sure the kids loved playing and having all kinds of things to do, but the best part was when everyone had cheesy faces that lead to full bellies.  The parents of the kids, my friends, know how much I love Moe’s and they love it just as much.  My girlfriend January’s husband Duane wanted it all for himself.   I didn’t tell him he’d have to get past me first!
Correction:  I totally mean the star of the birthday party was the birthday kiddo!  Yeah, that’s what I really meant to say.



Duane Wanted it ALL!


You know what happens when kids get full bellies, right?  They go energy filled crazy nuts.  That’s exactly why it was good to have Frisbees, sweatbands, coloring pages, and the pièce de résistance is the piñata to get all the extra energy out (only to refuel with all the sugar!)    The trick is to leave the piñata for right before the party is over.   That way you only endure one episode of crazy nuts!

Moe’s Southwest Grill® is hosting a “Mini Moe’s™ Birthday Party Package” giveaway. Enter to win this package that includes catering for up to 20 people, decorations and party favors. The contest runs now through September 16, 2013.  Enter by heading to Club Mini Moe’s here: (no purchase necessary).

Be sure to check out all of their special offers, the awesome kids’ menu, lots of games, and more!   Something awesome that’s coming up is FREE QUESO DAY.  Yes, I said FREE QUESO DAY!!!!!!!!!  Check out how to get your FREE CUP OF QUESO on!


Disclosure:  I don’t get paid to talk about Moe’s, at all.  I am on the Moe’s Blogger Advisory Council, and all of my opinions are truly my own.   Plus, I really, really, really, really LOVE Moe’s!


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