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l o v e t h u r s d a y


Dare we call her something less than she is?

She is perfectly imperfect as she craves warm hands,
To embrace her and stroke her and love her deeply.

Dare we strike her down when she is fearful?

She is plentiful and pure as she stands,
Urging others to accept her for what she is.

Dare we make assumptions and judge?

She is grown in a world so callous and cruel,
Yet there are those who will touch and accept and see.

Dare we look past her beauty?

She is admired and beheld while cut-down and forgotten,
As she continues to emanate beauty most don’t understand.

-MOL 11/19/08


Footnote:  I am so honored to announce that  Blog Nosh Magazine is republishing one of my “love thursday” posts, from November 6th, 2008,  today!

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l o v e t h u r s d a y

Heart Masks Mind

Oh fiery colors, how short your stay,
Merrily tantalizing my sense of sight.
Against the blue sky, as if to blaze the way,
Towards the promise of a new day, bright.

It is in autumn that I reflect the most,
The end of the year spinning my mind around.
Like the trees that wait again to host,
My thoughts pause to absorb the sound.

Through the standstill, I look forward and back,
Considering past, dreams turn to a future of hope.
I wonder: Are the trees hopeful while they lack?
Or have they just found a way to cope?

My mind it is filled with worry and doubt.
Though my heart, a hopeful tree, dreams about.

-MOL 11/6/08

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