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We {heart} Biking

Everyone in our family loves to bike.  For Benny’s birthday, in September, we upgraded him to a 26″, 7 speed bike.  Previously he had a one-speed kids bike that was hard for him to ride in our hilly neighborhood.  Now, though, he and Mikey like to ride around our ‘hood and town together.   Davey is exclusively riding his two wheel kids bike(with training wheels) instead of his tricycle that he was practically attached to the pedals of every time he went outside to ride in the cul-de-sac.  We are all full-fledged riders now.  I think Olivia is next in the upgrade department, but Christmas is right around the corner, right?
Now what I really need is a bike rack for my van so that we can all go down to the The Big Creek Greenway a couple towns over.  I’ve dreamed of all of us going down to the Greenway for many years now, and now that Davey and Benny can ride, well, it’s time.  We went down a few times when we lived in GA (Part I), with Mo and her kids, and it was always such fun.
Friendly PSA:  Don’t forget to wear your helmets, kids!


A couple summers ago I rode my bike a lot for exercise, but lately I tend to get my bike riding time in with the Les Mills spin class called RPM.  I haven’t gone in a couple weeks and always feel bad when I don’t, which goes to show that is is a such a work-out!  This week I am going to strive to get into my favorite RPM class with my favorite RPM instructor Krystin.  I also want to get my hands on a heart rate monitor so that I know exactly how the work out is affecting me.
That said, this week marks my one year anniversary at my gym, Bodyplex.  My body has definitely reaped the benefits of weekly exercise, but I still have such a long way to go.  One thing’s for certain—I love that going to they gym is a part of my life!  Here’s to the next year and continued fitness and health!

[This is a sponsored post, but all sentiments are my own.]

I’ve Forgotten How to Blog

It’s been so long.  So long.  And, I think I may have even broken my blogging bone.  I’ll give it a whirl, though….
Life.  It’s been extremely busy.  It’s also changed so much this past year.  And, it’s changed for the better.  No, dare I say, changed for the best.
My job is going super well.  I love what I do and I’m pretty damn good at it.  My co-workers are all astounding women, and I am proud to call them my friends.
The gym, even though it’s been hit or miss the past month with all the sickies floating around, has been an amazing influence in my life.  I’ve not only improved my body, my strength, and my stamina, I’ve made more friends; it’s been a wonderful blessing.
My online, social media, life has shifted, too.  These days I’m all over Instagram (@secretagentmama – find me!), and my true socmed love is Facebook.  I love that there are so many different people from my life congregated in one place.  My family (parents, kids, aunts, uncles, cousins), my childhood friends, people I’ve known all my life, old high school chums, social media friends, co-workers, and so many more are all there for me to interact with and share the stories of our lives.   I also love the new time-line, but that’s just me, I’m a sucker for a nice cover photo!
Mine Craft Strawberry Cake and Grass Block Brownies
The biggest thing that happened in the past month is we now have (not one, but) TWO teenagers in the house.   Mikey turned 14 and Livey turned 13.   Mikey had a buddy spend the weekend with us, and it culminated in a Minecraft cake extravaganza.  Olivia had a special couple days out with me.  She got a feather in her hair, we went out to lunch a couple times, and we went girl-time shopping.  In a couple weeks she’ll be having all of her closest girlfriends over for a Just Dance Wii Party, complete with pizza and pop and chips and dips!  Invitations are going out tomorrow.
There are a few things I’ve been meaning to blog about, and I have vowed to come back and start telling stories again.   It’s important, and I really do miss it.  I’ve actually been scared to open up this blog again.  I think that silence can do that to a blogger.  We grow silent and it perpetuates, and after a while it’s just not important anymore.   That doesn’t sit well with me, though, because I love to share.  I’m a self-proclaimed over-sharer.  I need it.  I crave it.  I must do it.
So, starting tonight I am going to take the plunge.  I’m going to over-share and I’m going to like it.  *You might, too.
*Three out of four of my biggest blog fans are pictured above.  Someday it’ll be four out of four, but the littlest of my fans is only just learning how to read.



It’s 2012

It’s already January 5th.  How in the world did that happen?
Here are some things that have been going on between the end of last year and the beginning of this new one:
On December 28th, Davey turned FIVE!  Lucky boy, it was Moe’s Wednesday, and we all headed there for lunch.  It’s our favorite place to go; not only because on Wednesdays kids eat free, but we totally love their food!  After a week of having Michael gone, through Christmas, he was home and we all enjoyed our lunch together (which concluded with a visit to the Western store where Davey got one of those cute little stick horses, and I drooled all over the cowboy boots.
Oh, and he named his horse, “Horsey the Bomb”.  Or Bob.  Either or works, really!

Michael & MeHorsey The Bomb & The Birthday Boy

Davey requested a cookie cake for his birthday.  Five candles and one for good luck, yo!


Mikey and Mama LunchDuring the last days of Christmas break I took each of the kids clothes shopping.  Their Baba & Dedo sent them money for Christmas, and we decided that they would spend it on new digs.
We had a great time each day, eating lunch and shopping.   The only day that was a little crazy was the day that I took Benny and Davey out, together, because, in my opinion, a five year old and an Outlet Mall DO.NOT.MIX.
I also started The Hunger Games!   I’ve since finished it, and now I am waiting for Catching Fire to come in to our library.   I hope it comes in today.   I also want to publicly state that Katniss Everdeen is BAD ASS and totally trumps Bella Swan!
On New Year’s Eve we made a big pot of white beans with corn bread, had Mikey’s buddy over after their bid day of airsoft play, ate chips and dip, and Benny and I went outside and threw pop-its at the ground!  I barely made it to midnight–guess I am getting old—but, I made it and we did out traditional “HAPPY NEW YEAR” shout out to the world from our front porch!
On new year’s day, I found myself in Webkinz hell with Livey and Benny (aka Justice, the evil store that still sells these stuffed animals.



A few days ago, Davey overcame his fear of spontaneously going down the hill on his bike, and rode in the cul de sac for over an hour.  He is a big boy, after all.
It’s been a great start to 2012!



My Biggest Success

Today marks sixteen years
Twenty one job changes shared
Five moves,
Enough to make any person dizzy
Buffalo to New Orleans
New Orleans to Buffalo
Buffalo to Atlanta
Atlanta to Buffalo to Atlanta again.
Four children added to the mix
With three dogs,  a hermit crab, and a bunch of fish
One motorcycle
Eight vehicles
Cars, trucks, and vans
Countless hours traveled
On beloved country roads
Ups and downs
Twists and turns
Around and arounds
We have seen so very much
The years have gone by
Almost instantaneously
The laughter
Is measureless, and
Quite possibly the glue
Of our marriage
Marks sixteen years
I have been his Mrs
And he has been my Mr
It’s one of the greatest
Of my life



Pepper {Week 5}

With couple of missed days
Borrowed photos from Baba
Phone and Instagram

Company’s in town
And Pepper’s definitely
Shown her puppy ass

September 12 – 21







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