100 Blissful Memories {Part I}

1) Back Seat Driver: I never know how I am going to feel being a passenger in a car.  I mean, after all, I do usually prefer to do the driving.  This time was different, though. The car trip with these women was just perfect. Dawn did the driving, while Sara sat in the front (wrestling with a wonky seat-belt), and I sat in the back.   I was free to daydream, free to talk as much as I wanted, free to close my eyes and get myself ready for the upcoming BlissDom experience.

2) All Things Happen for a Reason:  A phone call came.  A mistake was made.  A promise was made to rub my feet.  None of it mattered, though, because the time that I spent as a result of “the mistake” was probably one of my best memories of the trip.  I got to sit and laugh and talk and listen to a woman that has been through so much lately.  A woman that I feel I know–deep down–and who knows me just as thoroughly.

3) Gathering of Butterflies: Everything ready to go, Alli had a bunch of us all come to her room. There we talked about anything and everything, and I’m sure everyone had some level of butterflies in their bellies. Some more than others, I would say. We listened. We laughed. We loved.

4) High Five: Some friends couldn’t physically be there. But that didn’t mean they weren’t there with us. Amber had a moment with Lisa on one of the beds in our hotel room.  Some other “flat friends” even got kisses from the likes of crooner Harry Connick Jr. and Food TV star George Duran.

5) You Are Here: The Gaylord Opryland Hotel is nothing if it isn’t vast. In spaciousness. In beauty. In grandeur. At first I cussed my head off about the amount of walking we’d have to do on a daily basis, but in the end I was thankful for it. I actually think they made it gorgeous on purpose, as to detract from the walking factor.

6) 8:15: The day started early, and I knew it would be filled with busy-busy-go-go-go. A meeting in one of the smaller conference rooms, after some good coffee and breakfast, and we were off.

7) My Friends Have Style: Coming to BlissDom I knew so many of my friends would be there. I also knew that new friends were waiting to be made. Angie was one of them. We’d Skyped and emailed, as we were doing the Photography Workshop together, but other than that I didn’t know her. We hit it off, for sure, and once I saw her shoes, I knew that I’d love her forever.

8) My Friends Have Smile: This is the part of BlissDom that you can not ever put a price on. It’s the love of friends who love you unconditionally and fully. It’s the love that is exuded through their brilliant smiles. And it’s the knowing that you belong and have a tribe.

9) Your Attention, Please: There is nothing–I mean NOTHING–like people coming to a workshop that you are a part of, and paying attention intently to all that is being said. It’s a shared passion; one that feeds the creative soul. Looking out into the see of Photography Workshop attendees, my heart filled.

10) We of the Writer’s Craft: Four women I respect wholeheartedly. One topic that is dear to my heart. Over an hour of Bliss. This workshop will go down–in my books– as the best ever. Megan, Arianne, Deb, and Amber. Four women whose voices are rich, and lovely, and everything profound. I thank them for their words.  My sisters…

[This will be a ten part series that I will string through my blog for a while; I just want to keep reliving the bliss. My entire collection of photos from the conference can be seen on Flickr, but you should definitely come back to relive the bliss with me.]

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28 Responses to “100 Blissful Memories {Part I}”
  1. 02.11.2010

    Oh, I love reliving the bliss.
    Love you.

  2. 02.11.2010

    I love how you do recaps. You have the best ones.
    I teared up.
    I am honored to be a part of your tribe. You are love and light and laughter and beauty and joy and passion and you are a blessing.
    My friend.

  3. 100 moments chronicled is genius. Let’s relive it until next year.


  4. 02.11.2010

    I love these pictures. You are such an amazing artist. You captured moments that distilled the essence of the weekend. Loved!

  5. 02.11.2010

    Oh, 100! I can live off that until next year. Super idea!

  6. I’m so honored, the best ever? {{chills}}

    I keep trying to hear your voice in my head, the sound of it, the laughs, the awesome that is Mishi.

  7. 02.11.2010

    I am SO excited that you’re going to do a series! What a great idea. I still haven’t gotten to sit down and talk with you, but we shared a lot of similar experiences this weekend and between knowing you were there and seeing your perspective in your breathtaking photos, I do feel like we know each other a little better :) You have an incredibly beautiful heart, and I’m looking forward to reliving the Bliss on your blog!

  8. You are my people, my tribe.

  9. What a fun post! You are so crazy… I love that! It was wonderful getting to know you better. Your photos are fantastic too and the photography workshop was my favorite:-)

  10. 02.11.2010

    i would have loved to be in that photography workshop.

  11. i shall love thee forever.

  12. 02.12.2010

    Oh what a lovely, lovely post. I wasn’t able to attend but reading posts like these let me in on the magical weekend you all had.

  13. 02.12.2010

    That was a great recap.

  14. 02.12.2010

    Beautiful post Mishi–looking forward to the rest of your series!

  15. 02.12.2010

    Wow, your kind words are as beautiful as your photographs. And that is saying something big.

  16. This is awesomeness. Love it!

  17. This is simply awesome Mishi. I need to figure out a good way to recap that won’t bore those who weren’t with us to tears…..but I want to relive that bliss each and every day. I need it.

    Love you much!

  18. 02.12.2010

    You are… lovely!!!

  19. 02.12.2010

    I LOVE reliving this and can’t wait for the next installment!!

  20. 02.12.2010

    I love this… can’t wait to see what the next installment brings!

  21. 02.12.2010

    Too bad I couldn’t make it to Blissdom because I know that your workshop will be amazing. I learned so much from your workshop at Type-A. :)

  22. 02.13.2010

    You are so brilliant about breaking down the details and showcasing it all with words and photos. I SO wish I could have been there. I did not get nearly enough time with you at BlogHer :)

  23. 02.13.2010

    OK, ADORE that red pump.

  24. 02.13.2010

    Love your shots. Love your passion. Love your series. Love you!

  25. 02.13.2010

    I can’t wait to see more! (And I’ve started a petition for a photography track for next year. I need MORE of your fantastic photography talk!)

  26. 02.15.2010

    I love this!!! I would have loved to have gone to Blissdom…. maybe next time. In the meantime I’m really enjoying all of the posts around the internet.

  27. Beautiful pictures! I don’t think we got a chance to meet, but it was wonderful seeing your experiences. I kept forgetting I had my camera! Go me.

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