100 Blissful Memories {Part II}

11) Tough Question: A while back, my friend, Shelly Kramer, asked me a question on the phone. She asked me what I wanted to do with my photography. She asked me what I had to offer that was different, and she got my gears cranking. My answers were easy answers. The answers that made me comfortable. And there is definitely no comfort in growing. I finally got to meet Shelly, and after the big, humongous, love hug I gave her my answer.

12) Don’t Take My Picture Now: That’s what Michelle Lamar said to me. She said she wasn’t ready for a picture, but I quite love this shot. It’s even more meaningful since I never found her again during the whole conference. You’d think that it’d be easy to see people over-and-over again, but it’s not. My Blissdom photos are complete with the one-and-only White Trash Mom in the mix.

13)  The Velveteen Baby: She was so tiny when we were in New Orleans for Loads of Hope. So tiny. So newborn. This time she had a different baby face, and she was fuller and longer and so smiley. I held her once and she cried, but she was definitely feeling over-stimulated. I should’ve known that. But, YAY! I held her one more time. My favorite memory of her, at Blissdom, is the picture behind her mama, Megan, in the BlissTV opening day video. A picture I took of her as we–she and I–waited outside of a shop for her mama and grandmama. Not only was my photography in that awesome opening video, but my Velveteen Baby photo was, too.

14) Just Malia: Blissdom has given me many things. One of those things is a friendship with Malia. Beautiful, gentle, kind, and peaceful; she’s the perfect kind of friend to have. In a sea full of faces that are often unrecognizable, spotting her bright eyes and warm smile, I was comforted.

15) What’s your red rubber ball?:   You know, first impressions matter–they do!   And Kevin Carroll was the one who gave Blissdom its first impression.  That opening keynote was so moving, so inspiring, and so eye-opening.  He moved us to believe that we are not victims of circumstance, he inspired us to play more, and he opened our eyes by asking one simple question:  What’s your red rubber ball?  I think everyone needs to hear the words that Kevin spoke to us. A “Katalyst” indeed!

16) Need I Say More? I think this says it all.

Rachel in the Water
17) Water fountains are meant for going into (you know, like the one in the opening of Married With Children or this one at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel): I hoped that Rachel would get in when I expressed that the fountain begged for someone to get in, so that I could merely take a picture.  Have fun. Take the opportunity and just do it. Get your feet wet. Jump in the water. Play.

18) Lisa Loves: When I saw Lisa snuggling Jill’s newest little guy, my heart swelled. I don’t even know if Lisa saw me take this picture, but the love I felt between Auntie Lisa and Baby “Silas” was so pure and sweet.

19) I think I have a foot fetish:  Or a shoe fetish. Or both.

SecretAgentMama_Blissdom-2551 SecretAgentMama_Blissdom-2558
SecretAgentMama_Blissdom-3050 SecretAgentMama_Blissdom-3365
SecretAgentMama_Blissdom-4063 SecretAgentMama_Blissdom-4064

20) Yes, the shoe fetish would be apparent:  This year, I will say, that I was not a shoe-parazi; I showed some control, but next year it’s on. I think we always need a “Shoes of Blissdom” set on Flickr.

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13 Responses to “100 Blissful Memories {Part II}”

    {phew, sorry, I had to get that out}

    I absolutely love this, especially the baby/mama hands overlay. Swoon.

  2. 02.13.2010

    <3 I love that you got that shot of Rachel in the fountain – to me it just screams who she is – funloving and joyful. And Malia – love her.

    Also kinda glad you didn't get a picture of my ugly feet.

  3. great captures Mishi. I love you photography and I LOVE your friendship.

  4. 02.13.2010

    For you, and possibly you alone I jump into freezing waters and i rejoice in doing it. This may be one of my favorite pictures of all time. I hope that my children see it years from now and it screams to them that “yes, this is your mom.. this is who she was/is as a person” I love the sentiment you give it.

    Malia is beautiful of spirit and visage and you captured her perfectly.

    You captured them all perfectly.

    YES, what was your answer to Shelly?

    Kevin.. He was amazing

  5. You need to come photojournal my life.

  6. 02.13.2010

    Wonderful. Fabulous. Such a great post. We didn’t get to meet at Blissdom, but this post sure caught the spirit of the place.

  7. 02.13.2010

    Aw, Mishi! That’s gotta be the sweetest thing anyone has ever said about me! You are awesome and I’m so, so, so very glad and blessed to call you my friend!

    Your pictures inspire me, make me want to try harder and learn more and always, always leave me breathless. You captured the heart of Blissdom. You are a treasure!

  8. LOVE the pic of me and the little man. He makes my uterus ache!

  9. Missed being there with you this year! Glad you had a great time (thanks for sharing the photos). Next year, I hope?

  10. 02.14.2010

    Have I told you that I love your pictures? ;) I have a shoe issue, too. I think that flickr group sounds lovely. ;) Did you see the shot I put up of my daughter in the public restroom on the way home – with one of her tennis shoes on and one of her brother’s? She always takes her shoes off in the car and can’t find them when it’s subzero outside and you have to pee like a racehorse. Drives me mad – but it made a very cute photo/memory. And you need cute memories and photos when you are the last man standing at Blissdom and your mom nearly died in the hospital in Nashville – and your wallet is missing and you can’t check in to a hotel and are driving 16 hours straight home… in the snow. LOL Oh, the drama!

  11. 02.16.2010

    I love these! And THIS is why you should always have your camera at hand. You capture moments, not images. That pic of Rachel is one of my favorites of all time. It never fails to make me chuckle. I wish I wasn’t so concerned with getting my jeans wet. I should have jumped in too. Drat.

  12. 03.03.2010

    I love shoes. That is all.

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