100 Blissful Memories {Part III}

21) Whenever Possible, Double Fist:   Amanda and I caught a quiet moment, in the back of the Jack Daniels Saloon.  We got to talk about her schedule, and how I thought she might need to screw the schedule and just sleep.   We were having a great time talking, Bridget was even there, and then the band decided it was time to ruin our fun.  The bleach smell was kind of killing us, anyway.


22) Double Fisting Re-visited: Later that night, after the Clever Girl’s Party, I ended up with my buds Rachel and Jim.  Jim was a gentleman and bought us beer.  Note: Rachel likes to Double Fist, too.   Oh, and another note:  I now like Corona with Lime.  Yes, I’m late to the game, folks!


23) Balcony Follies:  Arianne and some of her partners in crime, including Renee J. Ross, were up on that balcony.  Good, old-fashioned, fun ensued.  Calls to cell phones were made.  Calls on cell phones were ignored.  I somehow fit into the mix.  The other goof-balls left the balcony, and the only one left was The. Gorgeous. Arianne.  My friend, Arianne.

24) If being a groupie means I’m friends with her, then, dammit, slap me silly and call me a groupie: I fell in love with Jennifer at some restaurant in Nashville, after the mini-Blissdom in 2008.   Her laugh, her smile, her eyes, her genuinity, they all drew me to her.  Then in Asheville, NC we had a moment at a table, in the back of a dimly lit room.  A moment that was filled with tears, understanding, and soul-sisterhood.   I hope she knows how much of a friend I consider her.  Wonder if I can get her to come to my “…ville” soon!

25)  An Apple a Day:  There’s something about Kat that allows me to take the coolest pictures of her.  This time it was the Poken, the gorgeous ring, the black nail-polish, and the half-eaten apple.   She’s so nom-able!

26) Sweet Like Honey From a Bee: There are people you meet that you are instantly drawn to.  That’s Heather.  I started writing for the Homeschool Post and that’s where we “met”.  This blog conference was the second time I got to see her, and I had the exact same feelings.  She exudes this warmth, and that’s what I love about this fellow home schooling mama.

27)  Look. At. My. Eyes:   I laughed so hard when Leisa showed me her eyes and what the Covergirl make up artist did to her.  I wasn’t laughing at her, rather her reaction.  Not at her eyes!   The day before I snapped this picture—on Thursday—after the Photography Workshop, Leisa showed me this book that she worked on.  I was moved to tears, and I was so thankful that she shared it with me.  And now I’m sharing it with you.


28) Who Dat Harry:  While I thought his opening “act” was a little over-the-top I was very excited to see and hear Harry, especially since the Superbowl was coming up and Harry is from New Orleans.    I screamed “Who Dat!” and sang along to ever word of “When the Saints Go Marching In”.     (And, he’s totally looking at my camera in this shot!)

29) Two Drinks for One Friend, Not Double-Fisted:  The drinks being poured here by this sexy bartendress are Mojitos.  The one on the left was mine.  The one on the right was Lotus’.  The toast was for our friend, Anissa, who was dearly, dearly missed.



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8 Responses to “100 Blissful Memories {Part III}”
  1. I just saw that balcony pic again, and like a goober sat here at almost 2am and made my husband listen to the story while I was all “and THEN we called people we could see below! and we WATCHED THEM HIT IGNORE on our calls! it was the FUNNIEST THING EVAR” and he just went “heh.” and humored me because he is well trained.

  2. 02.16.2010

    Mmmmm. Mojitos.

    Also, Kat is the coolest, awesomest, loveliest chicky. And I loved her nail polish (I think she said it was Russian Navy, OPI. I still have to go out and get it because I LOVE IT).

  3. loving this series. I need to get to work on mine-but the photos keep overwhelming me….so many awesome memories.

  4. 02.16.2010

    The sentiment is the same for you, sweet secretagentmamasita. ;) xoxoxo (hugs)

    And totally, I don’t know Leisa, but I love that shot. I didn’t get my eyes done because frankly, I was scared chicken-livered.

  5. We didn’t spend nearly enough time together in Nashville. I’ll consider this post an open invite to the ATL. ;)

  6. 02.16.2010


    You have the best heart, gorgeous insight and I just love.

    Adore that shot of Kat, it’s awesome. She is just something special that one.

  7. 02.24.2010

    So, so lovely.

    Almost hurts ’cause I miss everyone so much…

  8. 03.03.2010

    Holy Harry Connick Jr., Batman! Wow.

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