100 Blissful Memories {Part IV: Around the Hotel}


31) A Photographer’s Paradise: This was taken on Wednesday night, from Alli’s suite.  I’d seen the beauty of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, by simply walking to the concierge to check in, but when I looked out from the window and saw all the symmetry I was visually fulfilled!


32) While Walking With Casey: The atrium did nothing for my hair.  But, at least there were orchids!


33)  Visual Stimulation Abounds:  Not only was there friends around ever corner, symmetry, and flowers, but there was architecture, too.


34) This May or May Not Have Been Her Room, Don’tchaknow: I don’t know if it was just one of Sarah Palin’s supporters, or if it was her room, but I surely could not pass up snapping this picture.


35) And Then Security Taps Your Shoulder:  I snapped a few pictures of this area, and just as I was turning around to continue to where our morning meeting was, on Thursday, I was confronted by hotel security.  Apparently, the United States Air Force was meeting in the Presidential Lobby and only those with clearance could take pictures.   I said, “But I’m with the Blissdom Conference and my name is Secret Agent Mama.  Surely I’m on a list!”   (Ok, ok, I didn’t really say that.)

36) Benjamin Franklin:  I heard he was kind of lascivious, but I was still happy to capture his image.  You know?  Since he’s dead and this is his dead ringer.


37) Whenever Possible, Reflect:  It’s even more fun with friends!


38) Let’s Recap:  We have friends around every corner, symmetry, flowers, architecture AND water fountains.  There’s more, just you wait!


39) My Shoes on a Rock:  Heather, Bridget, and I (see #37) took a little walk, through the atrium, on Thursday night.  This was the last picture that filled my 16GB memory card.


40)  Looking for Love in all the Right Places:   I found this heart in the granite at the registration area.  If that doesn’t give you an idea what Blissdom was all about, I don’t know what will.


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12 Responses to “100 Blissful Memories {Part IV: Around the Hotel}”
  1. 02.16.2010

    Such beautiful pictures. You have a great eye for beauty.

  2. 02.16.2010

    #35. Surely lots of people are getting into Presidential parties unannounced…I think you could’ve made it in!

  3. love the last shot. (okay I love them all, but the heart….so wonderful)

  4. 02.16.2010

    I have loved your photos from Blissdom. They make me a little sad I didn’t get to attend, but I have enjoyed living vicariously through your lens.

  5. 02.16.2010

    le sigh


  6. 02.17.2010

    I loooooove the shot of the fountain! The texture makes me want to reach in and touch it!

  7. 02.17.2010

    all beautiful and great shots but my favs are the heart and the staircase.
    Missed you while I have been offline, so first thing back had to reconnect.

  8. 02.17.2010

    You were so much fun to get to know at Blissdom! I enjoyed our time at lunch! Great pictures! ~Chris Ann

  9. ok, i’ll admit i thought you *might* be a little crazy when you were taking pictures of the counter when i was on registration duty. now, however, i see that you are brilliant. and you have the most artistic and beautiful eyes and heart.

  10. These pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. i love ALL of these. amazing…yup…you are!

  12. 03.03.2010

    Splendid. Yes.

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