100 Blissful Memories {Part V}


41) Clever Girls Collective:  The first time I worked with them was as a Yummie Tummie Ambassador at BlogHer’09.   So, when Cat (pictured on left) contacted me about shooting the party they were hosting at Blissdom, I was so excited.  Cat and Sheila sure know how to throw a party.  The beautiful people were treated to sexy blue drinks, scrumptious food, gifts, and prizes.


42)  I Just Wanted to Spank Her:  And apparently so did everyone else.  Domestic Debacle.  Quite possibly the cutest, polka-dotted, sweet girl at Blissdom.  She’s my new find and I’ve already started stalking!


43) I always manage to get at least one perfect picture of Amber:  All the other pictures she’s throwing peace signs and making faces at me.   But, I make it my mission to get her in all her splendid beauty.


44) And the award for BEST SMILES go toSARA and DANIELLE (who is at the Winter Olympics as a spokesperson for Proctor and Gamble.  I know people, people!)


45) Good Vibrations: Jennifer was the winner of Room 704’s door prize.  You know what kind of prize that was without me even telling you, eh?



46 & 47) Cousins Warm My Heart:  It’s probably because I am so close to my cousin, Pauline, and I can just feel the love between Emily and Jenny.


48) A Guy in a Boa:   If there’s one guy that can pull off a boa, it’s Jim Lin!


49) Let me take your picture!  NOW GET OFF THAT LEDGE BEFORE YOU KILL YOURSELF:  I swear to God, I yelled at Courtney for doing this.


50)  Girls of Inspiration: My friends Leah and Renee are very inspirational.  They are definitely good people to have in your corner to cheer you on!

{See the whole Flickr Set from the Blissful Bites + Bubbles Party}


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9 Responses to “100 Blissful Memories {Part V}”
  1. Totally honored. Love all the pictures in this set, and love you Mishi!

  2. AWWW! Yes you did yell at me- after the picture of course!! I’m honored to make your list :-)!!

  3. 02.18.2010

    You’re the best. I would wear a boa for you anytime!

  4. 02.19.2010

    I LOVE this post and love that picture of myself with Renee. You have such amazing talent. XXOO

  5. 02.19.2010

    Oh, I love these pictures, Friend!! Sara really is beautiful, isn’t she? :)

  6. 02.19.2010

    You are so talented, thank you for capturing the magic of Blissful Bubbles + Bites!

  7. 02.19.2010

    That was a super fun party! And those boas made for some great pics! I have big love for the Clever Girls, Cat & Sheila! They rock!

  8. 03.07.2010

    These photos are making me want to attend a blogging conference of some sort…even if I have nothing to add.

    Also- OMG I want Domestic Debacle’s glasses! And her ability to wear that gorgeous red lipstick.

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