100 Blissful Memories {Part VIII}


71) “Hey Baby, is this your gray sweater?  Can I wear it?” That’s what the beautiful, talented, and gracious Amy said, in the morning, while Sara and I were trying to wake up.  I loved that she wore my sweater while on her panel!


72) “Oh My Gosh! You are so cute, I have to take your picture!” This is Edie. She is delicious.  I’m so glad that I hugged her.


73)  Selfy Pees of Loter and me, in the place where we pee; just because–there are so many of these!


74) Lunch with Friends:  Saturday’s lunch was my favorite.  I sat with old friends (Christina, Heather, and Bridget) and new.


75)  Pure:  Every time I see Stephanie and Ivy, I feel that I’m looking at a poster for motherhood.


76) Happy Birthday Dear Deb, Happy Birthday to you:  Hearing the whole room break out into song for Deb was the best.  If you know Deb, you are lucky.  If you don’t know Deb, you should!


77)  No Matter Where You Go or Who You Are, Make New Friends:  These are the new friends that I made at lunch. Rene of Budget Saving Mom, Mela of MelaKamin.com, and Chris Ann of Love Feast.


78) Always Follow the Laughter, because when you do, you will find beauty. (Catherine and Tanis)


79)  Dance Robin, Dance:  One of my favorite writers has the best name in the world.  I have daydreams that Robin lives in the house next door.  In these dreams she comes over for coffee.  I go over to her house for tea.  We watch each other’s kids and love living next door to one another.  Ahhh to dream.  (You should check out what she’s doing right now.  There’s a nice give-a-way, too!)


80)  We Are All Writing Our Own Stories:  This was–quite possibly–one of the best sessions.


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8 Responses to “100 Blissful Memories {Part VIII}”
  1. 02.22.2010


    Woman.. you are all passion, beauty, heart and soul

  2. 02.22.2010

    Love ’em. And I love the selfy pee (ha!) of you and Lotus.

  3. 02.22.2010

    These are wonderful; I feel like I was there (well a little, anyway)

  4. 02.22.2010

    love these & love u xo

  5. 02.22.2010

    wish so much that I was there this year….
    Love your pic of Steph and Ivy.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL photos. Just wow Mishelle!

  7. 02.22.2010

    It was such a pleasure meeting you!! You are a photographic RockStar!
    ~Chris Ann

  8. 02.26.2010

    wonderful thoughts and fantastic captured moments. You are so gifted, and I love your heart! :)

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