Weekly Winners {Our Staycation}

Spring break totally flew by.  One day I heard chirps of how there was seven days of vacation left, and yesterday morning someone quipped about how there was only two more days left before school started again.  Maybe the time passed because our days were full.   We went on a successful shopping excursions where an {almost} teen girl’s birthday money was spent wisely.  We also celebrated said {almost} teen girl’s birthday at the Edge of the World Rapids on the Amicalola River—with red velvet cupcakes, to boot.  We flew a kite.  We had lunch with an amazing friend.  We  played at several parks, including a wonderfulwonderfulwonderful playdate meet-up with new friends (who feel totally like old friends.)  We even discovered some hidden treasures, right around the corner, of the hiking trail persuasion.   We had a really full spring break staycation.   Bring on summer now!


The Park:  Where Gummy Worms Are Eaten and Climbs Are Made

“Let’s Go Fly a Kite, Up To The Highest Height”

The Beauty of Girlfriends

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

“Hey Now Your An All Star, Get Your Game On, Go Play…”

Bend It Like Beckham, Kiddo!

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9 Responses to “Weekly Winners {Our Staycation}”
  1. 04.10.2011

    My favorite this week is the All-Stars sitting along on the rock. There has to be a great story there.

    Your spring break sounds like huge fun, and so glad you shared these snaps from your adventures.

  2. 04.10.2011

    awesome. i love the girlfriends shots.

  3. 04.10.2011

    Love the black and white of the three girlfriends and their shadows! The playground shot with the purple bars is pretty cool too. :D

  4. 04.10.2011

    Love the girlfriends picture. It’s perfect in black and white!

  5. 04.10.2011

    Oh goodness!! The shots are just amazing :)
    I love the shot of just the shoes though. Not sure why, but I do!

  6. Terrie

    i love the shoes sitting on the rock! sounds like a lovely spring break….mine feels about 2 lifetimes ago

  7. 04.12.2011

    That first kite shot is my favorite. What a great angle!!!

  8. 04.12.2011

    love love love. your eye. your view on perspective. i’m always captivated!

  9. Davey is getting WAY too big.

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