My Biggest Success

Today marks sixteen years
Twenty one job changes shared
Five moves,
Enough to make any person dizzy
Buffalo to New Orleans
New Orleans to Buffalo
Buffalo to Atlanta
Atlanta to Buffalo to Atlanta again.
Four children added to the mix
With three dogs,  a hermit crab, and a bunch of fish
One motorcycle
Eight vehicles
Cars, trucks, and vans
Countless hours traveled
On beloved country roads
Ups and downs
Twists and turns
Around and arounds
We have seen so very much
The years have gone by
Almost instantaneously
The laughter
Is measureless, and
Quite possibly the glue
Of our marriage
Marks sixteen years
I have been his Mrs
And he has been my Mr
It’s one of the greatest
Of my life



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7 Responses to “My Biggest Success”
  1. 10.01.2011


  2. 10.01.2011

    Huge congrats!!

  3. 10.02.2011

    I love you both so very much! Congratulations on 16 wonderful years together!!

  4. 10.02.2011

    Congratulations! These images are so sweet. Lovely couple!

  5. congrats!!

  6. 10.07.2011

    This is just lovely.

  7. 10.10.2011

    Thank you! The images were wonked, but they are fixed now!

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