36 Months

Dear Davey,

Today you turned three.  Thirty-six months outside of my belly, in our arms.  Months have passed quickly, and with each one came something new; a new sound, a new action, a new mannerism, a new and improved David.  Three years seem too few for such a big personality to have formed.

A personality that is completely addictive with an abundant laughter that is infectious.  Your smile is deep and heart-touching.  Your intelligence is astounding and vast.   You are–simply stated–dynamic, lovable, brilliant, and delicious.

This year you have continued on your quest for knowledge.  You’ve even started drawing recognizable images.   Your love of Play Dough has developed much to Papa’s chagrin.   Santa knew what he was doing when he brought you a whole Play Dough kit for Christmas, though.  I really wouldn’t be surprised if you start reading this year.  You’re THAT smart.

The one thing I love the most about you is your musical ability; you are so musical, it’s not even funny.  Keep singing, little dude.   Let your heart sing out through the top of your lungs.

If God is a DJ,
Life is a dance floor,
Love is the rhythm,
You are the music…

Ze Cake He Wanted a Snowman Cake
IMG_0584 IMG_0585

Happy Birthday, Big Boy!  We Love You!

36 Months


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10 Responses to “36 Months”
  1. 12.28.2009

    Woohoo! Am I the first to wish this cute guy a Happy Birthday?
    Happy Birthday Davey!!
    Happy Mother’s Day Mishelle!

  2. Jodi

    Happy Birthday Big Boy!

  3. 12.28.2009

    Happy Birthday to your big Three Year Old!

  4. 12.29.2009

    Happy Birthday to Davey!! Love the snowman cake :)

  5. 12.29.2009

    Happy belated to the smarty pants! I still remember the ABC video and how envious I was of him genius – now he’s gonna go and be a musician, too? Those are some wicked talented genes he’s got, there.

  6. 12.29.2009

    Happy Birthday to your sweet, sweet boy!

  7. Happy belated birthday to your Davey boy… I can’t believe he is already three!

  8. Happy belated birthday to your sweet little man. ♥

  9. 01.02.2010

    Happy Birthday Davey. From one of your January Playroom friends, Kaia and her mama Melanie

  10. 01.03.2010

    Happy Birthday, Davey!!! Happy birth day to you, mama!!!!

    Miss & Love you guys!

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