On Old Pain

Be still my heart
allow the night
to pacify

For the time
to pass
knowing that
there is a void
Like a wound
open and
bleeding out–
Your hands
up in the air
I hate that
you do this
to me;
I hate that
my pain
is alive
For time
to pass
knowing that
there is nothing

Your eyes
Burn like
Cigarettes wild
Into my
Soul and
Out of
My heart.
Why must
Your eyes
Keep me
Still burning
Like wild
To yearn
For one
Single touch
Allowing me
The pleasure
Of looking
Into your

Original Poetry © 2009 Mishelle O. Lane
This is {NaBloPoMo}

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4 Responses to “On Old Pain”
  1. 11.05.2009

    Amazing verse, Mishi. Amazing photo. Like always.

  2. 11.05.2009

    a wound to the heart. Very creative post.

  3. 11.05.2009

    Oh my goddess… I love you.

  4. 11.05.2009

    So much beauty, mingled with that pain. Perfect image to accompany your verse.

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