Attempt: Numero Uno

Ze Lane Kidz
Yesterday I tried to get a picture for our Christmas Cards (I have the ones I want picked out over at Tiny Prints, now I just need the picture.)   But not ONE of the group shots turned out because as Murphy’s Law dictates,  “A photographer shall not be able to photograph her own flesh and blood the same way she would photograph other people’s flesh and blood.

I did, however, get some decent “school” type pictures of the kids.

Friday I will try again, and hopefully when I update my Facebook status it won’t be with a “FAIL” rather a “WIN”!

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11 Responses to “Attempt: Numero Uno”
  1. 11.17.2009

    Wow Mishelle, those are excellent. Olivia is really starting to look tweenish to me. That’s a really great pic of Benny too.

    I miss you.

  2. I can relate to this. I took some of Sugar this weekend. Soooooooo didn’t go as I planned, and I got frustrated, and had to take deep breaths. It took a few days between taking them, and looking at them again, to appreciate that they aren’t all sucky….just not what I wanted.

  3. 11.17.2009

    Why is that? I struggle with good shots of my kids, but get great ones of other people’s kids.

    Good luck…I’m sure you’ll come up with something amazing!

  4. My Christmas Card shots were the EXACT same, some good “School Photos” and a few Mugshots… but nothing of Christmas Card quality… *sigh* She’s just sick of having my camera in her face.

  5. 11.17.2009

    You should look back at last year’s archive. I failed a couple times before getting THE MONEY SHOTS!! But, yes, the camera is always in their faces. lol

  6. 11.17.2009

    Last year’s was GORGEOUS. If you can do just as well, it’ll still be frame-worthy.

  7. 11.18.2009

    Good luck with that! I don’t think I’m even going to attempt it… I know it’ll be a fail!

  8. 11.18.2009

    It’s easy taking pictures of everyone else’s, ain’t it? When it comes to your own, there is no first impression to work against. You know them so well – you want to take a picture of THEM – not what they look like, but WHO they are – and somehow finding them is harder than it is to find strangers.

    I love those shots, by the way.

  9. 11.18.2009

    Those are great shots though! You should find a design that has four slots for a shot!

  10. Monika

    I love these photos!! And I love tiny prints! You should enter your photo in their talent contest that they are having. Information is on their website. P.S…I hope we don’t order the same ones!

  11. 11.19.2009

    They’re all so gorge. Those eyes… each and every one. DNA is fun!

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