Nervous No More

Day 13 | Portrait of a Grandfather

Day 13 | Portrait of a Granddaughter

One of the few people that I’ve never felt judged me was my Grandfather, my Dedo.  The others–my mother, my father, my grandmother, many other faceless, insignificant people–brought forth this feeling in me that, in recent years, has turned to resentment.   I resent being judged.  I resent being nervous about how they see me.  I resent not having luscious, super-good feelings.  I resent not being respected.

That’s what it boils down to:  To give respect, you have to give respect. {He respects me, and I respect him.}

I’m not that naïve girl anymore.


I will not be walked on.

{100 Words}

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12 Responses to “Nervous No More”
  1. 01.14.2010

    Hi Mish, so glad to have you as a participant this week. Very self-affirming. Funny how it takes up so much of our adult life, coming to peace with our own particular demons, isn’t it? Also sad, all the minutes, days, years, that we’ve lost spent thinking, worrying, wondering about how to be right within ourselves, and for everyone else, and how the two could possibly ever intersect.

    Love the accompanying photographs, of course. :)

  2. 01.14.2010

    When I said, “very self-affirming”, I meant your 100 words. lol. It looked like I was saying it was self-affirming for me to have you participate. :P

  3. 01.14.2010

    You are awesome and should be treated with respect and love. I’m glad your grandfather was a strong influence on your life.

  4. I get it, get it, get it.

    I love you.

  5. 01.14.2010

    First, yes!
    Second, it’s funny — whenever I come here or whenever I see your comments on my blog, I’m filled with luscious, super good feelings. It’s what you exude.

  6. 01.14.2010

    Nice legs. Ahem. Anyway. As much as I love your work – I admire you more. You are, in no uncertain terms, my. kind. of. woman. And men like your Dedo – especially European men like your Dedo, are hard to find.

    And as I’m sitting here, typing out this comment, the more I think about it the more I realize that there is a perfect word for you – about you – descriptive of you. You used it. And it’s been reflected in comment. Luscious. Not in the lascivious sense, although Michael may see you differently, but in a warm, earthy, extra human sense. You are Luscious.

  7. 01.14.2010

    Love. I look up to you. And my sights are set high. More love.

  8. 01.14.2010

    What a wonderful person. He gave you something so great.

  9. 01.15.2010

    How lucky you are to have someone like your grandfather in your life, offering unconditional love and respect!

  10. 01.16.2010

    You are so blessed to have had someone like that it your life.

  11. 01.18.2010

    You’ve gotta know how much this lit up my spirit. You are beautiful.

  12. 03.10.2010

    You know it all, lady. Yay!!

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