Goodbye House, Hello Home

Day 14 | Goodbye House

In the morning
I am leaving
Going back home
The time spent here
And Taxing
For now, I don’t know when
I’ll return
The cold of the winter
The cracking of skin and hearts
In the morning
I am leaving
Going back to me

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9 Responses to “Goodbye House, Hello Home”
  1. Hey girl….great shot.

  2. oh…and email me. I have to ask you a few questions. really need to know….LOL whenever you get a chance. Not important really, though. Just curious.

  3. Walking into my house after being gone for a few days is one of the best feelings ever. Even better? My own bed.

  4. 01.14.2010

    Bittersweet leaving extended family, but such a warm feeling knowing you’re headed home to your own peeps.

  5. 01.14.2010

    Wow. That is beautiful. The image and the poem. I am visiting via Louceel’s blog tonight. I don’t think I have met you before. So nice to : )

  6. 01.15.2010

    Wow, I’m in love with this! BRAVO

  7. Jodi

    Love this. Have a safe trip home!

  8. 01.15.2010

    Beautiful, Mishi. The shot evokes such a feeling of …. nostalgia.

  9. 01.19.2010

    Hey lady…did you have a rough visit? Thinking about you…

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