Bleery Rainy Gloomy Blah

Maybe it’s the concept that they can take you anywhere?
Maybe it’s the concept of traveling through life?
Roads with their perfect imperfections allure.
Unchanging they have the power to unfold.

Maybe it’s the knowledge that you can go forward?
Maybe it’s the knowledge that life can be wayfaring?
Roads with their twists, turns, potholes, and scenic overlooks.
Dedicated they have the power to carry.

Maybe it’s the feeling of security that you desire?
Maybe it’s the familiarity that you crave?
Roads with new meaning and individual anticipation.
Unique they give you power to move forward.

{Until you decide to stop, shift gears, stretch legs, or take another road completely.}

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5 Responses to “Drive”
  1. 03.11.2010

    I love roads with new meanings…unexplored…a new adventure around every new corner! Sweet post!

  2. 03.11.2010


  3. Jodi

    I will think of this the next time I go for a drive…just beautiful.

  4. 03.12.2010

    One of my favorite childhood memories is taking Sunday drives, to absolutely nowhere, in the huge, green family Pontiac. Thanks for bringing that back to me.

  5. 03.13.2010

    Sunday drives would be great to bring back to our lives. It’s ashame that we got too busy to slow down!

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