A Little Perserverance Never Hurt Anyone

I’ve got another article up at Blissfully Domestic | Photo Bliss!  It’s about taking pictures of children and pets, together, and it’s quite funny.

A Little Perserverance Never Hurt Anyone

Speaking of perserverance…..

Over the weekend I was chatting on Facebook with an old friend (who started this really cool blog on which I might or might not have a submission published,) and she told me how her girlfriend has Dave Matthews on her Twitter, and how she’s been Tweeting with him for some time now.  Naturally, I asked her for his name on there and ADDED him.   I also did some digging around and apparently it’s legit, and it’s really the David. J. Matthews.

My first tweet to him:

@davejmatthews I named my fourthborn after you! We should talk. DM?

No response.

And here’s where perseverance comes in to play.

Yesterday I tweeted at him again:

@davejmatthews Just one @. Just one. Then I can die. Like @ hi Mishi!

And I got a response.  Click to enlarge.

Dude. That’s a tweet from Dave Matthews.  I am smiling so big, you don’t even know!   Dave if you comment here, I will certainly be grateful and high and happy and fulfilled.

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23 Responses to “A Little Perserverance Never Hurt Anyone”
  1. 11.24.2008

    That’s so awesome!

  2. 11.24.2008

    Please tell him I would like to thank him for the song “Crash” and all the sex I’ve had because of it….

    Sunshine’s last blog post..The Beekeeper’s Granddaughter

  3. 11.24.2008

    LUCKY! That’s so awesome. I thought I was cool because I live really close to him….but he actually talks to you. You win!

    Jamie’s last blog post..Topping Last Year

  4. 11.24.2008

    Okay, now I even almost feel cool because my Tweet is a) on your blog (hollaaaa!!) and b) it’s right next to his. That is too dang cool!

    Woohooooo for you!!!!

    Rachel’s last blog post..Mouthwatering Loaded Potato Soup

  5. 11.24.2008

    Oh, we love Dave Matthews over here. That is seriously awesome.

    Angella’s last blog post..I don’t mind you saying My name, but not after you stub your toe

  6. Uber cool! I got a few responses from Rosie O’Donnell on her blog a few months ago.

    STOP! I like her. Gah.

    Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]’s last blog post..Weekly Winners 11.16 – 11.22

  7. 11.24.2008

    Ok I would so post a bowing smiley here if I could (I can but I won’t). That is absolutely awesome! Now headed to the Bliss.

    Lisa’s last blog post..Weekly Winners

  8. 11.24.2008

    That is soo cool.. really freaking cool..

    Kim’s last blog post..Where is the bubble wrap?

  9. 11.24.2008

    Oh, what Sunshine said, I am SO going to say, too. I wonder how many follers I could lose? Are you still squeeeeing?

    Zoeyjane’s last blog post..On Happy Endings

  10. 11.24.2008

    You are a total rockstar!

  11. 11.24.2008

    Still squeeeeing, and still hoping he comes and reads my blog!

  12. 11.24.2008


    That would be set as my wallpaper….permanently :)

    I puffy heart him.

    Momisodes’s last blog post..Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

  13. 11.24.2008

    Hellllllllllll yeah!!

    Maria’s last blog post..Rented: One and Two

  14. 11.24.2008

    PMSL! Glad you got a response! That’s so cool!!

    Jeanette’s last blog post..Fiona’s Maternity Shoot

  15. 11.25.2008

    I love that you have 347 unread e-mails :D

    Adrenalynn’s last blog post..No hooves yet

  16. 11.25.2008

    that TOTALLY rocks!!!!!!!

    the planet of janet’s last blog post..Birthday dinner: more fun than a barrel of monkeys

  17. 11.25.2008

    Wow, amazing. Sweet!

  18. 11.25.2008

    I totally understand your awe. I got like that when Brian Baumgartner (the guy who plays Kevin on “The Office”) emailed me a sentence on myspace because I begged him to! All he wrote is: “Thanks for the love. Peace Out. Brian” But, I was giddy! Everytime he comes up on the show, I shout: “He emailed me!” to my husband.

    AnnD’s last blog post..It’s all gray to him!

  19. 11.25.2008

    Nice! He should come to read this here blog, it’s super solid.

    PG’s last blog post..Stand Up and Take a Bow, Bryan

  20. Sweet!! Celebrity stalking through Twitter!! I remember Lawyer Mama doing that with Wil Wheaton. Can’t remember if he replied. So cool that you got yours!

    Angela at mommy bytes’s last blog post..Tuesday Toot – Adam’s awesome penalty kick

  21. 11.25.2008

    Thats pretty awesome lady. Love Dave myself!

    Landon’s last blog post..Light Or Dark?

  22. 11.26.2008

    how totally cool.

    Corey’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday~Let’s Talk Turkey!

  23. 01.15.2009

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