A New Look at Familiar Faces

It is amazing what seventeen years will do to a girl.  It will find her married.  It will make her a mother.  It will add those lines around the eyes when she smiles.  It will change her way of thinking.  It will make her softer. It will allow her to see that things she worried about as a teenager aren’t really important.   And yet it will make her cherish those teenaged worries, for they are a rite of passage.  To get here we have to get through there, and here is pretty awesome.  Even with the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the whys, and the how comes.   Seventeen years is an amazing amount of time.




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8 Responses to “A New Look at Familiar Faces”
  1. Elizabeth

    Fabulous! Just fabulous!

  2. 05.01.2009


  3. Great shots, Mishi – and I love what you wrote. Was just doing some reflecting of my own…time is a bitch, yet its awesome, you know?

  4. Michelle E

    Just beautiful..

  5. Pauline

    OMG these are such awesome shots! You rock!

  6. Peg

    Great pics!!! I love them!

  7. 05.02.2009

    Those are fantastic!

  8. 05.02.2009

    great shots… i’m inspired for my upcomiing family visit!

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