A Year Goes By Quickly

A little over a year ago, I finally got up the nerve to tell my favorite bank teller that I thought we’d make really good friends. I did the only thing I knew to do, and I sent over my business cards for Mishelle Lane Photography and Secret Agent Mama.

That’s when she stood up and showed me, through the window, that she was expecting.

How cool, I thought, and then I told her that I.HAD.TO.SHOOT.HER.MATERNITY.PORTRAITS.

Some time passed and she had her baby a little earlier than I expected, so her maternity portraits slipped away from us.

Then… My brilliant idea!

I told my new *friend (whose name is Heather) that I wanted to shoot her son’s portraits through his first year of life. It would be my gift to her, in honor of her son’s birth, and in honor of our new found friendship.

Early one morning I met her at her parent’s house. I immediately fell in love with their house, as it’s a photographers dream, with great furniture, hardwood floors, and great lighting.  But, I digress.

Here’s Daxton’s first year through my lens:


Three Months~

Five Months~

Ten Months~

Yesterday, it came full circle.  I met Heather and sweet Daxton at her parent’s house again, early in the morning, and it was absolutely brilliant!

One Year~



Happy Birthday Daxton!

*Not only do I have a new friend, but I have a whole family of friends.  I’m so glad I acted on my instinct.

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4 Responses to “A Year Goes By Quickly”
  1. 10.24.2010

    I love that you reached out and made a friend like that. You are cool. Also, gorgeous pictures, the whole year through.

  2. Heathersaurus Rex

    Thank you so much for reaching out to me lady! It’s truly been a blessing to have you around! I must confess, this blog brought a couple of joyful tears to my eyes! I love you so much and I thank you even more, you’re the bestest!!

  3. 10.24.2010

    What a cool story! That second picture has been one that I have loved from the moment I first saw it. Mr. Daxton is quite a handsome lil fella.

  4. 10.25.2010

    Inspirational story and amazing pictures. I think the second one is my favorite!

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