About Project 365

You could pay hundreds of dollars to attend professional workshops.

You could buy cameras, lenses, and filters, oh my!

You could go to the library and check out books gallore that will get you in the know as far as certain settings and techniques are concerned.

You could read and watch tutorials, up the wazoo, on Youtube.

But, you will never take better pictures without practice.

That being said, there’s a super simple way that you can help develop your eye. It’s gonna take a little work and dedication, but –believe me– if I can do it, anyone can!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Get a camera (it doesn’t have to be anything fancy; a simple point-and-shoot will do.)
  2. Take pictures with said camera every day for a whole year.
  3. Share your “Project 365” with friends and family (Flickr, Facebook, blog, what-have-you.)
  4. Develop your own eye and enjoy the growth you will experience through this simple project.

(Days 1-25 of my Project 365 Meets 2010)

* * * * *

I hear people say stuff like: I just can’t do it, or I tried and I failed, or It’s too much work.

Let me tell you: You can do it! If you tried and failed, dammit, try again! It’s not too much work!

CLICK. One. Click. A. Day.

Secret Agent Mama’s Project 365 meets 2010 | My ’07/08 Self Portrait 365

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