All That and the Kitchen Sink

62: All That and the Kitchen Sink Taken @ 12:33a.m.

Last night, around 7:30pm, the doorbell rang. The doorbell very rarely rings, unless we are getting a delivery or if the girls across the street want to play with the kids. I looked at Michael, who was in pajamas, and decided to spare him the burden of getting up. I was in clothes. An off-white Davey marked turtle neck, but I digress.

I got to the door, looked through the side windows to see seventeen boys standing there (ok, ok … so there were really only five.) I laughed, “Uhhh Can I help you?”

“We’re blah blah blah blah with blah blah blah blah and we blah this kitchen sink and blah blah blah..”

“Hold on,” I said as I opened the door enough to actually hear what they were saying, yet not enough for Sadie to go out and kill the boys (with her breath.)

One piped up, “We’re with [a group who’s name I didn’t catch at this instance] and we’ve traded up from a penny to this kitchen sink and we’re wondering if you’d have anything you’d like to trade for it?”

“ARE YA’LL HIGH?” I questioned, point blank.

“We’re with a CHRISTIAN GROUP called YOUNG LIFE.” one cute boy replied.

“OH SNAP! I just asked boys from a Christian Youth Group if they were high.” I lamented.

{laughter ensued}

I came back in and told Michael what all the hub-bub was and we decided to trade Benny’s old bike for the sink. I went back outside to make it so.

“Ok, so how about I trade you guys this bike?”

“That’s awesome!”

“I feel safe that I can come out here now since ya’ll are a Christian Youth Group and stuff. Anyway, my husband’s inside if you try to kill me he’s got guns. So don’t try to kill me,” I joked.

But, they were boys from a Christian Youth Group so it was all good. No killing, only laughter.

I said, “Ok, just wait here for a minute. Don’t leave!” and I ran inside to –what else?– grab my camera!

Once I got my flash mounted I ran back out, told the boys that I was a blogger, and that they were so totally getting blogged about!

“Right On!” one of them said as they posed in front of our door with the sink and then the bike.



One of the guys asked what the blog was and I said you’ll have to try to remember it.  And I told him the name of it.

After a few minutes Livey called out, “Mama, they are across the street trading the bike for a see-saw?!”

“WHAT?” I yelled as I grabbed my camera and ran out the front door.

“Ya’ll traded my bike for that see-saw?”

“Your neighbor says he’s gonna give you your bike back, though.”

“I didn’t need it; that’s why I traded it.   Let me get a picture. You know, for the blog!”

They posed. We laughed. They left.


Rock on Christian Youth Group Boys, Rock On! You are all that and the kitchen sink, yo!

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34 Responses to “All That and the Kitchen Sink”
  1. 03.03.2009

    Omg, I love it.

    I’ve been wanting to do something like that. I think I read somewhere of a guy doing that and getting a lot of cool stuff.. it’s been awhile though.

  2. Alyssa

    Love this

  3. How funny! My youth group totally did that when I was growing up! One year we ended up trading for puppies and brought several to the church basement. Um, yeah – we got in a little bit of trouble for that!

  4. 03.03.2009

    Without question, that’s the COOLEST freakin’ post I’ve EVER read. Dude, seriously, I could hear you laughing.

    Crazy Christian teenage boys who roam neighborhoods at night totally kickass. They’re so stoked that you made them famous by blasting them on your blog!

  5. 03.03.2009

    I’ve heard of trading up…but never actually witnessed it in person! That’s awesome!! Looks like they were having a great time!!!

  6. 03.03.2009

    How FUN!! I’ve heard of this, but we live in the sticks so nobody knocks on our door :)

  7. What a great story Mishi!!

    Oh, btw, I finally got myself an SLR camera. I haven’t learned to use it yet though. LOL!!

  8. 03.04.2009

    Y’all are straight up CRACKERS down there in Georgia!

    Rawk it out, baby!

  9. 03.04.2009

    THAT is just priceless. :) GREAT idea…and makes a fun post.

  10. 03.04.2009

    Now that’s cool. Really.

  11. Elizabeth

    That’s so awesome! Looks like they were a ton of fun!

  12. 03.04.2009

    OMG! What a great post…Trading stuff for stuff is a great idea!

  13. That is awesome! I want see saw ;-(

    LOL> Too cool.

  14. 03.04.2009

    Those boys look like they enjoyed it,and I loved the story!!

  15. That is definitely the most HIGHlarious door-knocking story ever.

  16. 03.04.2009

    This freakin ROCKS girl! I love it! I cant believe they traded your bike for a see saw. LOL

  17. 03.04.2009

    Okay, that is really cool. What do they do with the final item? Sell it? Give it away? Auction it off? Did you find out?

  18. 03.04.2009

    What a GREAT story! Things like that just make my day!

  19. 03.04.2009

    That’s pretty hysterical. What where they trying to trade up to?

  20. 03.04.2009

    PMSL! That’s brilliant!!
    That’s so cool. What a clever way to raise funds :)

  21. 03.04.2009

    Hehehe, totally awesome. I love it when blog fodder practically rings the doorbell. Or actually does. Too cool. Such fun. :)

  22. 03.04.2009

    what an amusing tale! i will definitely consider answering the door now.

    the b&w at the top of the post is pretty – i love the sense of gliding toward the sink.

  23. 03.04.2009

    that’s awesome that you asked them if they were high!

  24. 03.04.2009

    this is hilarious.

  25. PJ

    Yay! You got the pics up! That was certainly the most unexpected story I was ever expecting to hear the other night when you called to tell me. And then I almost pissed myself when you said they traded the bike for the see saw, and your neighbor gave you the unwanted bike back. hehehe

    Now I can’t wait to see the upcoming sink adventure pics! And damn! That’s a pretty big sink to be hauling around!

  26. Zach

    I was the kid in the yellow hoodie. That night was sooooo awesome!!! (and funny of course)

  27. 03.04.2009

    That is so cool! I love that you took all those pix too.

  28. 03.04.2009

    Me again. This time commenting for Tom. He asked how Secret Agent Mama has been, and I read him this story, with pictures. He says it’s totally awesome and is something he wishes he’d done as a kid. He also said he read once about a guy who kept trading up to the point that he got a car, er, actually I’m told now a damn HOUSE from a single red paper clip! Anyway, Tom thinks you are awesome and says hello and shares this link:

  29. John

    Hey I am the one is the dark grey jacket, and by the way we won the contest – THANKS

  30. 03.05.2009

    Girl, you got me cracking up over here!

    My teacher last semester was telling me something about this kind of thing. Not sure if THEY were doing the same thing, but the point is to always trade up for something better in life. You start out with a penny and just get brave and ASK and see what happens.

    A group came to my door once, but I didn’t play along because I was half asleep and annoyed to be awakened. LOL!

  31. 03.05.2009

    I’ve heard of groups doing this. What fun! :) Hey, if you don’t need that sink……….

  32. 03.05.2009

    How cool is that?!?!?

    Kind of like that red stapler guy.

  33. 03.06.2009

    tiff meant red paperclip and my bf knows that guy. Or used to.

    Personally, I think those kids were punks. They looked like punks. And society has totally taught me to judge based on appearances.

  34. David Linscheid

    Now I know the rest of the story!

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