All the Better to [Feel and See] You With

78: In the Palm of my Hand

Touching Feeling
Heed, Burn, Hold
A sight for sore eyes—

79: Revel

This week over at Mishelle Lane Photography I am running a little Study in Self Portraits.

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6 Responses to “All the Better to [Feel and See] You With”
  1. 03.22.2009


  2. 03.22.2009

    Next time, tame that wild hair in your right eyebrow. Cutie.

  3. 03.22.2009

    That hair is from my head.. Dude.. don’t even get me started on the eyebrows. I was massacred by this bimbo in early February and now I’m just waiting (begging the eyebrow growing Gods) for them to grow in fully. I’m going Brooke Shields thick!

  4. 03.22.2009

    The origin of said stray hair wasn’t obvious. However, if you think about it, that may be a way to supplement butchered eyebrows until the grow back. Although it may look a bit strange. Just a bit.

  5. 03.22.2009

    LAUGHINGOUTLOUD<--this is my new way of expressing myself. Really, it is! That being said.. I was ___this close___ to cutting bangs b/c of the February Eyebrow Massacre.

  6. 03.23.2009

    Love the close-up… I hear you about the eyebrows, there’s nothing worse than a bad brow plucking session!

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