An Open Apology


Dear Children,

I’m so sorry that I got angry with you, for jumping in that glorious puddle of mud.

I was wrong.

It was wrong to be angry at you for children simply being children.

It was wrong of me to be angry at you for this moment of bliss.

The puddled whispered seductively to you, “come, jump, make a mess.”

Yes, a mess it did make, and, yes, the hole was made deeper.

But, I understand the attraction and how the muddy water called to you all.

I see that this was a few minutes that will be etched on [your childhood] heart.

For all of time.

Sure, I was upset at first.

You know it, and

So do I.

That moment was fleeting, though.

Thank God.

I ran inside and grabbed my friend.

{The friend that I’m always pointing at you.}

And I snapped,

And smiled,

And snapped,

And laughed,

And felt like a horrible mom for my initial feelings at the very instant of the puddle jumping.

I ask you to please forgive me.

For I made two mistakes that day.

One we know.


This is the one that I will make up to you (and me) someday.

The second mistake, in retrospect, I can now see;

I didn’t jump in the mud with you.

There will be a next time.

Of this I am sure.

I promise.


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30 Responses to “An Open Apology”
  1. Mish.

    1) Get the hell out of my head.
    2) thank you for being in my head and reminding me.

    love you.

  2. 09.18.2009

    I don’t even have a comment, I just wanted you to know that I’m sitting here smiling SO HARD.

  3. 09.18.2009

    perfection, you are. and puddle jumping is THE BEST.

  4. 09.18.2009

    Thanks for the reminder. I needed a good morning cry.

  5. 09.18.2009

    I do that all the time. I love that my children bring my smiles out.

  6. 09.18.2009

    I LOVE this story. I would’ve been upset about the mess, too. And I, too, would have regretted it. But I might not have seen the beauty of the mess until it was too late–until the moment had passed. I’m glad you didn’t miss it.

  7. Jana

    I love this..puts so many things into perspective. (And that picture is amazing!)

  8. 09.18.2009

    What a beautiful letter. This is so amazing. Your children are very lucky!

  9. 09.18.2009

    So perfect I had to stumble it. :-)

  10. 09.18.2009

    You are SO da bomb. And your kids are so, so, SO lucky to be growing up with you as their Mom.

    Besides, you can COOK!

  11. 09.18.2009

    Exactly. All of it. The picture, the sentiment, all of it.

  12. I love puddle jumping and mud pies with the kids.

    and I love that you held back your reactions and let them have their fun!

  13. 09.18.2009

    This is so sweet! Too many times we say no, when we should be saying yes AND participating! I need to do this much more often!

  14. My youngest came in with a face COVERED in Oreo cookie mess. I laughed and patted him on the hiney to go wash his face. Then, as he ran off, I was shocked I wasn’t irritated with him. Sigh. I wish I could remember that every time.

  15. It’s the little moments that make the memories. We have to remind ourselves to let them happen.

  16. 09.19.2009

    What a beautiful letter. This is so amazing. Your children are very lucky!

  17. wow…i totally needed this today. thank you for the reminder that these “annoyances” are really just memories-in-the-making. important, treasured ones at that!

  18. 09.20.2009

    Loved this so very much! I need it today as well. Thank you for the reminder!

  19. 09.20.2009

    Love this.

  20. 09.23.2009

    You just summed up motherhood. I love, love, love this post.

  21. parenting is such a process….and apologies are certainly a part of the journey. :) great post.

  22. Just beautiful. Sometimes the most important part of being a mom is being able to tell our kids we are sorry.

  23. 09.25.2009

    This is great.


  24. Beautiful. The pictures and the words. :)

  25. 09.28.2009

    Love this. Right on.

  26. Al_Pal

    Fun. My ‘FiL’ likes to tell us that his dad always said, “make life an adventure”. Glad to see that happening!

  27. 10.01.2009

    Love it. Need to tattoo it on my brain.

  28. 10.16.2009

    You’re so good to let them have the moment… I feel like I never let them have their fun, because I don’t want to deal with the mess. I need to take a breath sometimes and just fucking relax about things. Great pic. Great reminder, mama. You’re awesome.

  29. Rebecca

    I stumbled upon this and LOVE it. I’m not a mother yet, but hope to be one someday, and that’s the philosophy I want to live with! I’m trying to do so with my niece and nephew (a sort of practice-parenting, I suppose). My niece and I were playing in her yard after a rain storm. There was mud at the bottom of the swing and her shoes became a little dirty. We washed our feet off together by jumping and splashing barefoot in a rain puddle on the driveway. : )

  30. 08.21.2011

    Amen! You’re gonna make a great mother some day!

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