And The Winner Is…


{is this thing on?}

Oh hi! Michael here.

I’ve been tasked, or bribed with sexual favors, to select the winner of the Kelly Moore bag.  Counting and verifying entries is no way to spend the morning IMHO.  Mishi claims that she has a lot of images to edit or something like that and she’s promised me certain things to motivate me to help her.  I’m cheap and I’m easy, so here we go.

And the winner is…  Judith Shakes!


Mishelle will be in touch with you soon.  Congratulations!

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5 Responses to “And The Winner Is…”
  1. 08.12.2010

    Oh well done Judith!

  2. 08.12.2010

    Well I’m just tickled all sorts of pink (mostly rose and fuchsia, I think). Thanks Michael! Tell Mishi that I’m off to find us a pair of fabulous yellow shoes to go with our yellow bags, and then I’m driving up there to y’all so that we can finally go out and have drinks together and laugh prettily when people comment on how pretty our shoes and bags are… Yep. That’s my plan. And I think it’s a good one. :)

  3. 08.13.2010

    How ironic! I’m right in the middle of writing about BOTH of you! Post to be up shortly!

  4. congrats Judith!!

  5. That’s awesome!!! I’m sooo happy for C-Dawg winning the bag!

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