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Today marks one year without our Sadie girl.  We think of her all the time, often recanting an old memory.  Honestly, a day doesn’t go by without a thought about my big, chocolate, original baby.  I miss her.  We miss her.  I don’t think that will ever change.

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10 Responses to “Animal Attraction”
  1. 06.04.2010

    Awwww. Dogs rule.

  2. 06.04.2010

    Beautiful dogs.

  3. 06.04.2010

    I think your Sadie and my Hershey would have been fast friends. Chocolate Labs are the best!!

  4. Nope, it won’t change. She’ll hold a place in your heart forever. And that’s not such a bad thing, when you think about it. (((hugs)))

  5. 06.05.2010

    Awww, I’m sorry you lost your girl. I know how hard that is. :( I hope you had the chance and inclination to take lots of pictures of her, so that you’ll always have pieces of her around you.

  6. 06.05.2010

    Hard to believe it’s been a year already and other times I’m sure it feels like yesterday. Sadie Girl was so very loved and still is.

    I miss her too.

  7. 06.06.2010

    LOVE those…we lost our cat a few weeks ago and the boys and I still talk about it every day. It is hard to miss a family member. As annoying as that cat was, he had worked himself fully into our day and there is a space now.

  8. That horse needs a dentist.

    What’s even more amazing? I can say that by the photograph.

  9. 06.07.2010

    We lost a Sadie Girl last Tuesday. She was my husband’s family dog. Such a sweet girl and so missed.

  10. 06.21.2010

    Awwww. I thought of your Sadie girl recently. @FeistyKel had to let go of her sweet companion of 14 years the other day.


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