Another Win-Win Situation

The Road

I’m excited to be able to do another print giveaway.
This time a print posters from my friends over at UPrinting!

What you can win:

  • One 18×24, high gloss or semi gloss Poster Print

Who’s eligible:

  • US residents who are 18 years or older

The best thing about this type of type of color printing is that you can do anything you want.   I’m actually thinking about doing something like the picture above; taking one of my pictures and adding a relevant quote.  But, I also think about putting together a mosaic of a bunch of pictures to display.  I already have one of these printed with a picture of the kids together that I absolutely love.

To be entered in the giveaway just leave a comment below telling me what you’d do; what would you have printed if you won?

The winner will be announced a week from today on May 27th.  Good luck!

{Disclosure: UPrinting is providing me with a Blogger Appreciation print, but I am not otherwise being compensated for hosting the giveaway.}

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24 Responses to “Another Win-Win Situation”
  1. 05.20.2010

    I would have printed a picture of my girls that may or may not have been taken yet! I really hope I’m not first because 1 never gets picked! So you must do the hat again…

  2. Lisa F.

    That’s a tough call. I don’t know if it would be a picture of the hubby and I or a nice nature shot I’ve taken.

  3. 05.20.2010

    I would probably do a nice “artsy-fartsy” shot I’ve taken!

    Thanks for the giveaway again!

  4. 05.20.2010

    I’m kinda in love with the new picture I have of me and my daughter. I would love it up in my bedroom.

  5. 05.20.2010

    Hrm, what would I have printed? Probably a photograph I took of San Francisco on a gorgeous day or something. Something like that to remind me that I’m home.

  6. 05.21.2010

    It’d be a picture of my old house in southern CA where I grew up — I haven’t been back there in fifteen years and I’m dying to take some pictures of it this summer

  7. 05.21.2010

    definitely my kids…we had some pics taken recently and I haven’t printed a single one for us…bad mama LOL

  8. 05.21.2010

    We just had family portraits made of me and my husband with our almost 5-year-old son and our newborn. Definitely one of those. Or a collage of the 30 gagillion shots of the two boys together that I’ve taken…

  9. 05.21.2010

    I have a really great picture of my daughter at Grammy’s house that I would love to get printed.

  10. 05.21.2010

    I’d have a picture of my dad’s barn. It’s a monument to noble labor and time worn legacy.

  11. 05.21.2010

    Something of my grandparents, like the photo I took of all my grandfathers sermon notes or his overalls. I’m a sentimental one, I am.

  12. 05.22.2010

    In the nearly 15 years we’ve lived in our home, I have yet to really put anything up on the walls. I would love to have one of my photos printed and displayed over my mantle.

  13. Mindy

    I would print a pic of my two kids. That’s pretty much it. They are my life.



  14. 05.22.2010

    I would have “Nobody’s Home” printed.

  15. Either one of my kids or one of my nature shots. =)

  16. 05.23.2010

    I’ve been sort of sprucing up my office lately, and I’ve been wanting to get some of my photos from our fall Ireland trip printed and hung up. This would be perfect for that!

  17. 05.25.2010

    I would have a photo of my husband in his military uniform and my daughter in her patriotic dress done. It’s such a perfect photo.

  18. Dave

    I would probably create a collage of my kids, unless I found one phenomenal killer shot of my kids together that I thought would look great at that size. So, my kids, either way. :-)

  19. I would get a shot of the Pacific Northwest and have that printed. I love it up there. :)

  20. 05.27.2010

    I think the quote idea is grand! I have several flower photos that I’m rather fond of, so I think a quote about beauty or nature or beauty in nature would be fitting. Picking which photo would be hard though.

  21. I have no idea what I’d choose. SO many options!
    There’s flower pics and the pic of the kids’ boots or the raindrops or… ack.
    No idea.
    love it ;-)

  22. 05.27.2010

    I actually have a couple shots in mind – but most likely the one I took of my girls at the beach a few weeks ago – they are running away from the camera but I love the colors and how carefree they are!

  23. 05.27.2010

    A picture of my girls.

  24. 05.27.2010

    I would get a pic of my boys framed. I need to update! I still have mostly baby pics framed and they are 8 and 4!!! bad bad mommy.

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