Beautify America. Wear a hat!

Photohunt: Hat



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14 Responses to “Beautify America. Wear a hat!”
  1. 01.17.2009

    Oh such a cute shot!

  2. 01.17.2009

    Love that shot! Reminds me of my grandkids.

    Check mine at

  3. 01.17.2009

    That is so lovely pictures, keep it up and check out also mine! Enjoy your weekend TC :)

  4. 01.17.2009

    Oh, now that is just too cute! Great shots. I love the natural light in those photos. I’ve posted the many hats (sort of) of my 3 year old, Tyler. You can see them here.

  5. Lovin’ the hat!

  6. 01.17.2009

    Where can I get a hat like that? Love it!

  7. 01.17.2009

    Amen to that! Kids in hats….nothing better!

  8. 01.17.2009

    What a cute lil Dude!
    Looks all toasty and warm!

  9. 01.17.2009

    The thing I love about children’s hats is that they come in such goofy and funky styles. As soon as the kids hits 7 or 8, forget it!

    I did Photo Hunters today, too! Hope you get a chance to visit.

  10. 01.17.2009

    That’s a cute beanie! My word at them being bundled up… makes me feel uncomfortable even looking at all the clothes… considering we were swimming today ;)

  11. 01.17.2009

    I love poms on tops of kid’s hats. Cute shots!

  12. 01.17.2009

    oh that is soooo cute!

  13. 01.17.2009

    I miss the age of the playground kids! This little guy is pretty cute with his hat. I love watching them walk and play.

  14. 01.17.2009

    thanks for the interesting perspective u give to the top worn by the kid!

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