Best Shot Monday: Brasstown Bald

“Wanna go to Brasstown Bald?”

“Wanna go to Razzamataz Who?”

“Brass. Town. Bald.  It’s the highest mountain in Georgia, and on a really clear day you can see four states.  Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina.”

“Hell yeah, I wanna go!”

We quickly got ready and ate lunch.  Then we were off.  Quite honestly there is nothing like a Sunday drive, in the fall, with the rich and vibrant colors.

Davey fell asleep as we made our way up into the mountains, and along the way we stopped for Cream Sodas and Grape Crushes.   I think this is a new tradition of ours.  Country drives and glass bottles of pop!

We got there, visited the rest rooms, and off we went.  It was with good intentions that I started up the steep 1/2 mile trail, with the stroller, but quickly realized it would be my death.  So I turned around and let Papa take the big kids up, while Davey and I took the shuttle.  Not only am I out-of-shape, but images of me falling and the stroller rolling all the way down had me gasping.  A slight panic came over me, and I gave in. I did not climb any hills yesterday, and I’m only a little bit ashamed.

Davey and I would hang out, our whole time there, since we got a head start on all the exhibits.  But this was fine.  He was really patient with me (and my photography.)   This also gave Michael a chance to hang out with the bigs.

The view was spectacular! From every direction–north, south, east, west–there was something new to see and behold.  It wasn’t completely clear, but it was clear enough to see the beauty of the land.  And it was clear enough to enjoy the spectacular colors of fall.   There were a lot of people there and everyone was really nice.  Smiles were shared and conversations were exchanged; our surroundings were nurturing friendly behavior and it was a t r e a s u r e.

After we were done admiring the view and learning about the area, Davey and I boarded the shuttle, heading back down to the General Store area, while the others started their descent via the trail.  Davey was all about “bugs” yesterday.   Bugs, because the lady-bugs were in full effect (as they are at our house, too.)   Everyone had lady-bugs on their backs, in their hair, and one even flew into my glasses. In the General Store there were thousands.  Hundreds of thousands of creepy-crawly-cute lady-bugs!

The ride home was just as nice as the ride up to Brasstown Bald.  We stopped along the way for dinner, enjoying some chicken wings and sweet tea!  Then it was to home where Michael and Mikey watched Cool Hand Luke and everyone chilled from the big day.

It was the best day ever.   Oh, how I love a good Sunday drive in the mountains with the ones that I love.

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12 Responses to “Best Shot Monday: Brasstown Bald”
  1. 11.03.2008

    Swoon for grape crush.. I can’t remember the last time I had one in a BOTTLE!!

    The pictures are beautiful as always.. it sounds like a great Sunday with the family!!

    Kimmylyn’s last blog post..Weekly Winners

  2. gah… makes me jealous that i live in plain ole flat florida

  3. 11.03.2008

    Grape Crush! Now that’s a memory. Sounds like you guys had a fantabulous day. Days with the family, doing nothing but sight seeing is the best.

    Lisa’s last blog post..Evel Knievel lives at our house

  4. 11.03.2008

    That last one is totally the best one. LOVE IT!

    There’s a spot in Colorado where it you get down on hands and knees (out of the gutter, Mish) each elbow and knee will be in a different state. It’s wicked cool.

    Mr Lady’s last blog post..820,880 Minutes

  5. 11.03.2008

    What a lovely day for you and the family. I love that final shot you posted.

    Penelope’s last blog post..This week in Bartotto life…

  6. 11.03.2008

    Looks like it was wonderful! And your brood is so large. We have a hard time getting jackets on to head out for a hike! And we only have two!

    Woman in a window’s last blog post..A SIMPLE MOMENT

  7. 11.03.2008

    What a stunning day out! Love the scenery

  8. 11.03.2008

    That’s perfect. You know, that’s the one thing that Chicago lacks that would make it perfect – mountains – or at least, nearby mountains. The only ‘close’ mountains (and even then, they’re just big hills) are the Iron Mountains in Northern Wisconsin. 10 hour drive is just a bit far.

    lceel’s last blog post..advantage

  9. 11.03.2008

    What a perfect way to spend a Sunday. Just a wee bit jealous of the lushous views, the colors. I’m glad your family got to go and spend time together in this way. Have a blessed week.

    Patsy’s last blog post..Day 3 — A Little Game About a Cruise

  10. 11.03.2008

    sounds like it was fun, I am missing going on hikes.

    orlund’s last blog post..Dutch Double Salted Licorice

  11. 11.04.2008

    Great field trip!

    Wayfaring Wanderer’s last blog post..Autumnal Portal

  12. 11.06.2008

    OHHH!! I have not been up that mountain since i was in 5th grade!! My girl scout troop hiked a little of the Appalachian, this being part of it. I remember most that my darn backpack had this rod across the top that would not let me lift my head. Thank goodness I could take that off when we got to the top. So AMAZING!
    Thanks for the memory!

    CarrieJ’s last blog post..114 Better than that!

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