Best Shot Monday: Family Photo Shoot

I’ve only had one paying job in my life.  Well, not counting the ice cream scooping gig at the fair and the Avon peddling.  I’ve only had one job, and that job was a studio photographer.  I worked for Sears Portrait Studio for a little over seven years. I also worked for Wal-Mart Portraits, for a short time, but I’d rather forget that.

It was some of the greatest of times.  It was some of the worst of times.

It was great because I excelled at my craft.  I took great pictures of kids and families and couples and babies and you-name-it.  Those were the great times; really connecting with people and capturing their true beauty and spirit.  The worst of times was being in management and having to deal with the crap-storm that people felt they could inflict upon you just because there was a “customer satisfaction guarantee.”  People used that and they used it in an ugly way.   Still…. I look back at that time as a huge lesson for what would come later.

Now is later.

Today I went to a new friend’s house and took portraits of her family.  I was totally transcended back to that period of time during which I took photographs for a living.  Except, I had more control.   I realize that I still have room for growth in this profession and I’m embracing that.

Yes.  I said it.  This profession.   I’m going back to my roots of portraiture.

Today I feel full of hope for the future.  I feel that it holds the promise of something more for me.  I certainly love that I am a mother to these children of mine, but I also love that I am striving for more than that.   I’m striving for something that I have passion for, something that makes me feel complete.


The whole set of portraits can be found on my Flickr page.

Here are some high-lights:

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23 Responses to “Best Shot Monday: Family Photo Shoot”
  1. 11.10.2008

    You do know that you have such really amazing talent for all things photographic, right? Just checking. These are gorgeous.

  2. 11.10.2008

    Your photos are so amazing…you are a true professional…I adore your work and would pay for you to take my family shots…wish we lived closer!!! You will succeed, for sure, no doubt.

    Laura’s last blog post..Monday Menu Planning

  3. 11.10.2008

    Mishelle, there is no doubt that you will excel in anything that you hold a camera with =) These came out great as will all the rest that you take.

    Lisa’s last blog post..Mission Complete & ___ of 365

  4. 11.10.2008


    These are great picts and I know that your business will take you wherever you want it to go! Good luck and if my fam were closer, I would definitely hire you!

    Dad of Divas’s last blog post..Million Dollar Man v.1.6 – Love and Accountability

  5. Sara

    Awesome pictures!!! I wish we lived closer so that you could take our pictures.

  6. 11.10.2008

    Awesome photos! I love the effects in that top one! I have done some photo shoots this past year and I love them but dread them too. I’ve done 3 maternity shoots and 2 newborn shoots and a wedding shoot. I stress myself out so much that it is kind of not enjoyable. But, I will keep doing them because…practice makes perfect!

  7. 11.10.2008

    I’m so excited for you!!

    Maria’s last blog post..For Your Information:

  8. 11.10.2008

    I am so excited that you will be giving others the gift of your talent!!!! These photos are wonderful Mish…

    Kim’s last blog post..Weekly Winners

  9. 11.10.2008

    Good for you! Congrats and good luck in this new adventure.

    Tara R.’s last blog post..End the clutter ~ No. 2.5

  10. 11.10.2008

    Looks like you’ve found your way to exactly what you were meant to do all along. :-)

    Burgh Baby’s last blog post..My Brain Will Now Be Exploding One Cell at a Time

  11. You’re hired. Now get your shiz and get yourself down to Orlando to do me. I mean my family. I mean do my family’s portraits. NOW.

    A Whole Lot of Nothing’s last blog post..Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

  12. 11.10.2008

    Wonderful stuff, Mishi. Absolutely wonderful. You will do very, very well.

    lceel’s last blog post..Lots of toned ground

  13. 11.10.2008

    Woohoo! Glad you’ve finally taken the plunge. You’re brilliant!

    Jeanette’s last blog post..Weekly Winners : 2 Nov – 8 Nov

  14. 11.10.2008

    I totally hear ya. I too was a studio photographer/manager (Picture People for 4 years) and to this day when I think of holiday photos I get a little headache. I found it a real challenge to break past those studio rules and learn how to deal with “real” light but it gave me so many great experiences and practice. I think above all I learned patience. The first and last shots of these family portraits are my very favorites. Great job and good luck!

    Jamie’s last blog post..

  15. 11.10.2008

    That last paragraph was beautiful…as are each and every one of those portraits. You’ve come a long way baby! Best of luck with the new venture xo

  16. 11.10.2008

    seeing what you can give to another family is exciting….you are truly gifted!

    tommie’s last blog post..Weekend Update

  17. 11.11.2008

    Damn right, profession. You didn’t think this was a hobby and would remain so, did you? You are meant to improve people’s lives with your vision. And those people, well, not all of them, but some, are meant to pay you. Because you’re worth it.

    Zoeyjane’s last blog post..On being a girl

  18. 11.11.2008

    I’ve done all sorts of photography and for me it all comes back to portrature. I just can’t get into photographing inanimate objects. I admire shots like the one of the faucet. I wish sometimes that I could (would) take photos like that, but alas…

    You do have an amazing eye.

    Donna (A Grown-up)’s last blog post..Day 11: Veterans Day 2008

  19. 11.11.2008

    These are so awesome, Mishi! I am so excited for you.. (and for my shots.. lol), your new business is going to do wonderful!

  20. Mom & Dad at the piano made me (ulp!) tear up. Just unbearably romantic. How do you get so creative without being either artsy-fartsy or cutesy-pootsie?

    Joie at Canned Laughter’s last blog post..iTunes Giftcard Giveaway

  21. 11.11.2008

    Nicely done and good on you. Wish I had the balls.

    Woman in a window’s last blog post..HARSHNESS (and light)

  22. I love your shots as always…I particularly love the pics of the fam at the piano. (And I think the shot of the girl with the blue ribbon in her hair would look lovely in B/W with just her eyes & ribbon in that purty blue!)

    Colleen – Mommy Always Wins’s last blog post..What, me worry?

  23. Oh Mishelle……this is wonderful. You are such a wonderful photographer, and you will give so many people your gift. that is wonderful. :)

    my favs are 1,6 and 9. well done. beautiful.

    Corey~living and loving’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday~ Two by Two (or maybe more…)

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