Best Shot Monday: Goodbye Seven, Hello Eight

I don’t know about other parents, but I have a theory that the odd numbered years suck.  They suck donkey balls.  However, I digress.

Benny’s Birthday Weekend was awesome!  It started on Saturday when after soccer practices (I say that in plural because there were two back-to-back sessions in blistering heat) we came home, had stinky siblings shower, and took off for the birthday dinner.  Benny made his choice and it was Beef O’Brady’s.   We used to haunt the one in our town during GA Part I, so the place is synonymous with good times.  And, good times were had.  There was a college football game on (Bulldogs, I presume), and the place was loud and full of life.  The kids screamed and cheered, along with the crowd.  Davey got in on it by obsessively clapping and calling out yay.  The food was great.  Mikey had hot wings.  Livey and Benny had chicken tenders, and Davey had his weight in chicken nuggets.   Seriously, they gave BIG portions.  Me?  I had The. Best. Buffalo Chicken Salad. Ever.  I don’t know why, but put blue cheese and hot sauce together–for me–and I’m in heaven!

After we ate I got the brilliant idea that we needed ice cream.  I was totally breaking the ‘wait a bit before you put sugar on top of a meal’ rule, but I had to.  For Cold Stone Creamery, I had to!

“I’m full,” Mikey proclaimed.
“Me, too!” Livey added.
“Ugh, I couldn’t eat another bite,” sighed Benny.
“So, you guys are saying you’re too full for ice cream?”
{collectively} “NO WAY!!!”

On the ride home we were all filled to the gills and in pain.

“I need to burp,” Livey confessed.
“I need to go to bed,” lamented Mikey.
“I think I’m gonna jump on the trampoline when we get home,” said Benny.
“I think I’m gonna throw up,” I blurted.

After we got home, we felt better.  We just needed a good twenty minutes of digestion and Mario Kart.  Then we headed out for our nightly walk.  Just what the doctor ordered.

Part I of Benny’s Birthday Weekend was over and utterly successful.


Yesterday morning we went to the store and obtained some things for Part II of Benny’s Birthday Weekend.   This included a Devil’s Food Cake Mix, Frosting, Nestle Crunch bars for the top of the cake, Pork Chops for dinner, and Peanut Butter (sometimes I feel like slathering myself in peanut butter, but this isn’t about me is it?)

I made Benny’s cake and we had dinner around 5 o’clock.

On the Menu:

Grilled Pork Chops
Candied Yams (the birthday boy’s ultimate fave)
Broccoli in Cheese Sauce
Cucumber/Tomato/Feta Cheese Salad

Benny said it was just like Thanksgiving dinner, only better.  He ate the whole pan of candied yams!

I sent a text to our neighbors across the street to invite them for cake, and I had my old school texting system (a/k/a Olivia) walk over to our next door neighbor to invite her over, too.  She was concerned that she had no gift, but Livey told her that having her come over was gift enough.  I think if I let Miss Beverly adopt Livey, she would!

Around 6 o’clock our neighbors congregated in our kitchen with us.  Candles were placed on the cake, lit, and the traditional Happy Birthday song was sung.  It was wonderful!  Benny was all googly eyes and smiles.

Note the green hearts dancing around Benny and the cake!
I. love. that.

There will be a Part III when Papa comes home next week, but Part I and Part II were total successes.  For that I am happy.  I know Benny was pleased this weekend, too.  That’s worth more than anything, I do believe.

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20 Responses to “Best Shot Monday: Goodbye Seven, Hello Eight”
  1. 09.15.2008

    I feel it’s been liberating for you, or am I reading this wrong?
    Don’t think so?
    I have so much catching up to do, don’t know where to start!
    Pictures are beautiful as EVER!

  2. 09.15.2008

    looks like the perfect birthday blast.

    and just for the record, i have always found that the even years were the ones that sucked donkey balls.

    witness 14 at my house ;-)

  3. 09.15.2008

    Wow way to stuff the kids well, but that is what a birthday is for I say. happy birthday, they grow so fast on us don’t they, little man.

  4. 09.15.2008

    I really enjoyed reading that. I loved the photos that went along with it too. What an awesome memory you’ve captured for him!

    Have you tried the cake batter ice cream with blueberries at Cold Stone? It’s divine!

  5. 09.15.2008

    this was fun to see ~ the old school texting made me chuckle.

  6. 09.15.2008

    I totally agree with you about odd years. So far.

    Fantabulous photos marking a fun time!

  7. 09.15.2008

    Great shots. I especially like the cake shot. It sounds like he had a great birthday.

  8. 09.15.2008

    It looked like a BLAST!!!!!! And I so far agree totally with the odd numbers thing.. but then again I am only heading into year four.. but year three was a DOOZIE!!!!

  9. I’m so glad you had a great time with the birthday. I agree about odd years. Awful! And, this also works with marriage, I think.

    I hope the day gets better for you.

  10. 09.15.2008

    That looks like a FANTASTIC way to celebrate a birthday!

  11. 09.15.2008

    Wow. Can I have my next birthday at YOUR house?

  12. 09.15.2008

    It sounds like a blast! My favorite shot is the near/far focus with the cake in the foreground (just because it’s a skill I’m trying to master, and you hit it right on!)

  13. Jana

    Where do I start?? Happy Bday Benny!

    That cake looks delish..and I too enjoy slathering myself in peanut butter! ;)

    I’m gonna agree about the odd years too!

  14. 09.15.2008

    Gotta love a gal that starts a post with ‘donkey balls’ :)

    Happy Birthday Benny! Looks like you, and everyone else, had a blast!

  15. 09.15.2008

    Sounds like a couple of wonderful birthday celebrations.

  16. 09.15.2008

    I need a lesson on tuning out the in your close up of the cake picture, for example.

  17. 09.16.2008

    I love the picture of the cake! Nice DOF.


  18. What a wonderful birthday celebration! Will you adopt me? ;-) I think my fave is the cake in the foreground and the two women, blurry, in the back.

    (Love the new watermark as well!)

  19. 09.17.2008

    Fantastic montage.. looks like it was a wonderful day!

  20. 09.18.2008

    I know I am belated, but Happy Birthday Benny!!!

    And I would have gladly participated in all activities involved. Except for jumping on the trampoline on a full stomach!!!

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