Bullet Points

B L I S S is . . .

  • Eating room service with a dear friend and making her laugh
  • Letting a friend know she is loved by encouraging her and lifting her up
  • Helping those that need help
  • Smiling at those that need to see a friendly face
  • Hugging an old friend (and new ones just the same)
  • Doing a job right
  • Making sure you let your people know that you are always there
  • Surrounding yourself with like minded, caring, and generous souls
  • Being strong
  • Being beautiful
  • Being kind
  • Being yourself and absolutely loving who you are!

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14 Responses to “Bullet Points”
  1. 02.05.2010

    I love you.


    The end:)

  2. Mandi Bone

    Is your workshop going to be online? I would love to learn more about photography.

  3. all




    i love you

  4. 02.05.2010

    This is Blissdom in a sweet, beautiful heart filled nutshell

  5. 02.05.2010

    very very cool. have a blast.

  6. 02.05.2010

    Bliss is….hugging you. Bliss is….seeing your face again. Bliss is….knowing I associate YOU with this conference. Bliss is…..being grateful for people like you in my life. xoxoxo

  7. 02.05.2010

    Hah. I love you MORE.

  8. you rocketh my dear and I love you (and I so don’t care that my computer doesn’t think Rocketh is a word, because it soooo is!)

  9. 02.08.2010

    Glad I found my people…

  10. 02.08.2010

    Your bullets are right on target. I had fun hugging you 50,000 times! hahaha

  11. 02.08.2010

    Bliss is walking for hours to find somewhere in the hotel and not caring that you’re lost cuz you’re surrounded by friends. Bliss is laughing so hard your sides ache. Bliss is dancing your ass off. Bliss is friendship and love. Bliss is the kind of people who care to lift a friend who needs it.

    I am so blissed right now. SO SO BLISSED. Love you.

  12. Bliss is finding another heart string…yours is tugging on mine right now. Forever connected. xoxo

  13. 03.04.2010


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