Blissful Moments

At the very beginning I captured this stellar smile; that right there should have told me how the weekend would go.


I took pictures of beautiful mamas and their precious babes.


I watched phenomenal women think and create.


I saw pride beam out of every single pore.


And I caught others catching a glimpse of me in action.


I drooled over boots and shoes of all colors, shapes, sizes, and styles.


I asked questions and got answers.


I watched a blissful blaze of dancing.


And that same first smile that I saw, early on, the first day?  I watched her in her glory, singing her lungs out, with a good old redneck woman.   HELL YEAH!


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5 Responses to “Blissful Moments”
  1. Oh this post sums it up so so sweet! Thank you!


  2. OH YES!!!

  3. Love it, thank you – you are phenomenal-er.

  4. 02.15.2009

    I never can help photographing shoes and legs too!

  5. Everything about Blissdom was just SO MUCH FUN. You certainly have a way with capturing the best of it all!

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