Blogging Has Perks

(l-r: Jill, Me, Gina, Dawn, Lisa, Bridget, and Monica)

On Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending one of the kick offs of the North American Yanni Voices Tour.

I had already had a taste of Voices, in the form of Ender Thomas and Nathan Pacheco, at Blissdom ’09, and I knew I was in for a nice treat.  Plus, I remember how in love  my mother was with Yanni in the eighties;  his long dark hair and thick black mustache standing out in my mind.   Certainly, though, times have changed.   Yanni neither  sports  long hair nor a mustache though his musical skills obviously remain.

My friend Shelly (of Eat More Chili fame) accompanied me, and before the show we got a bite to eat.   Around 6:50pm we got to Will Call and I picked up our tickets.    We found our seats (and Dawn–whom I was expecting to be there–gave us our backstage passes.)  After a little while the concert began.

The music was top-notch. Every single musician was the best-of-the-best and it was a pure honor to watch them all play together.   Nathan, Ender, Chloe, and Leslie were also spectacular.   Nathan’s voice has the power to move you to tears.  Ender has an energy about him that just draws you in.  And Chloe and Leslie put most of the pop-stars out there to shame with their voices.   Yanni was personable and I enjoyed when he spoke to the audience, at times, during the show.

My most favorite part, though, was when two of the violinists had a play-off.  Just brilliant!

Yanni Voices Mosaic{Visit Yanni Voices Concert Set on Flickr}

Here’s a Vlog-Vee Log-Video Blog of the Big Night
*Shelly you really don’t sound like that.  I do bad impressions

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13 Responses to “Blogging Has Perks”
  1. I adore them!!!!! This makes me wish that I lived near y’all.
    So fun.

  2. 04.20.2009

    Solid stuff, Mishi. You’re right – ‘not your Mama’s Yanni’.

  3. 04.20.2009

    I got to see Yanni in concert when I was a teen. He was cool.

    Again- loved the vlog!

  4. 04.20.2009

    Great post Mish! I love listening to Yanni!

  5. 04.20.2009

    Looks like you had a great time

  6. 04.20.2009

    I just saw them last Tuesday in Orlando, and it was AMAZING! I really enjoyed myself.

    You are absolutely right, blogging definitely does have its perks!!

    SO glad you had a great time. We need to get the word out this is a show not to be missed! :)

    As usual, your photos are amazing! Puts mine to shame!

    Love you madly, miss you mucho!

  7. I look much slimmer in your pictures than mine. :-) I finally got my post live. My video seems to have disappeared somewhere between my computer and YouTube, so it will have to wait. Do we have to notify anyone that our review has posted?

  8. 04.21.2009

    So, I am so totally jealous over your photographic skills anyway … and then you get to go to Yanni Voices … and then you make this super cool (haha) video :D

    Seriously though, thanks for sharing that. It was neat to watch y’all! Had I known y’all were going, I would’ve rode my Harley down there and we could have gotten the photo shoot and the concert in together :D

  9. Oh how fun!!! You lucky girl!!

  10. Shelly

    Had a great time! Thanks for the invite. You had the sexy raspy voice going….you couldn’t have used that for the impression of me? Shoot me a copy of my pictures backstage.


  11. 04.23.2009

    It was so good meeting you! I enjoyed your post and pictures, you do a wonderful job!! I would love to be your subject ;-) I will contact you soon!

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