Now, don’t go thinking that we’ve back-tracked on our ideals.  No, that is not the case.  Fact of the matter is: WHO DAT!? The New Orleans Saints are playing in the Superbowl.

That being said, we spent some of our Christmas money on a new TV.   Our old one was a hand-me-down cathode ray tube* with a very old DVD player that we got for like $99.00 at a Blockbuster nine years ago.    The new TV is a pretty nice plasma, and it’s really, really big.

Then we were faced with a dilemma:   What kind of service would we get?

We decided that satellite wasn’t the way to go just yet.

An old-fashioned antennae, however, was.

Papa the Antennae Putter Upper

Michael scaled our two story home, braved high winds, balanced, used his brute force, and got that bad-boy up there.

So far I’ve enjoyed an episode of General Hospital, and last night we watched the American Idol try-outs in Dallas.  Oh yeah, and the President’s State of the Union.   Oh yeah, and Conan.

Day 28 | Sick Day

This morning, however, while Benjamin lay on the couch nursing a head cold, the two other bigs joined their brother to watch an old favorite (do you hear the sarcasm?) as they took a break from their school day.

After all these years of not having TV, the first thing I find them watching is CRY-YOU!  I took a picture and told them I'd post it.  They laughed.  Bwahahahahhahahahahaha *evil mama*

Davey asked them to turn it off!

*cathode ray tube – That’s totally Michael talking!

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8 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS!”
  1. Are you kidding ME?

    You did all this and didn’t tell me? Holy crabs.

    I’m so so proud.


    You’ll be getting DirecTV soon. Let me know when you do cause we can both get discounts. Just sayin.

  2. 01.28.2010

    Take notice of the bar stool under the desk, which is being used as our fancy TV stand. The stool is there to help support the weight of the TV because the desk is a bit flimsy with a 75 pound TV on it :0 We’re shopping for a proper stand, but we are still undecided if the TV will remain in the corner or move to the middle of the wall.

    Redneck engineering 101… function, not style.

    “And men, remember, if the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.”
    -Red Green

  3. 01.28.2010

    You make me laugh (and pull my hair out) you handsome, handy man, you!

  4. 01.28.2010

    Right, Michael. My motto – all the time.

  5. 01.29.2010

    The explanation of the TV stand had me in stitches. You both are adorable!

  6. 01.30.2010

    Good for you! I don’t know how anyone lives without tv…..though I am tempted to ditch our cable service in favor of watching my favorite shows online.

    LOVE your new tv!

  7. 01.30.2010

    We are planning on ditching our tv for a monitor/ spare CPU with tv tuner card and hook up our antenna to it.

    I have a hard time watching my husband get up on the roof, so I stay inside with a walkie talkie in case he needs anything.

  8. 01.31.2010

    OMG. I forgot how much I hated Caillou. Thanks for the reminder.

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