First Impressions Matter and Your Business Card Can Make a Lasting One

Your business card will often be the first impression your client receives.
It conveys your professionalism, and when you hand it to a prospective client it speaks volumes for you.  If you have a really poor quality business card, especially for a photography business, how can you convey that the images you deliver will not be the same?

A while back I needed some new business cards for Mishelle Lane Photography.  We found a place and Michael designed the cards.  The design was great.  On the computer screen.  But, when we got the cards we were very unimpressed.  The print job was extremely cheap in appearance,  the cut edges were ragged, and the writing was too light and small (lighter and smaller than what was shown when they were designed.)   I just knew that I couldn’t let these cards represent me.

See?  This is not the first impression I want to give people who will be inquiring about my photography services.  No way, no how.

I want quality.  I want precision.  I want something I can be proud to hand someone.

I thought about the quality and precision of my last Christmas card.  The card that to this day still gets compliments from friends and family.  It was a card that I was absolutely proud to send out to convey our holiday message.   The card was from Tiny Prints.

Then I remembered that Rick from Tiny Prints wanted me to do a review for them.  I contacted him to see if I could review business cards and he loved the idea.

I got to creating.  This is what I got:

I decided to go with two different designs because I just couldn’t decide on one.  The one with the vintage frame was my favorite, but I also liked the one with the simple, classy, red lines separating my business information.   To top it off I added my logo to the back of the card knowing that Tiny Prints wouldn’t print it upside down like the previous set I had ordered and subsequently returned from the company that shall remain nameless.

When I opened up my cards I was not disappointed, at all.  And I felt pride.

The textured card stock that is used is top notch.  They also have recycled paper as an option.  I had my Christmas cards printed on the recycled paper;  I know how awesome it is, too.

The printing is crisp

The edges are cut clean.

The cards are elegant and exactly what I want to represent Mishelle Lane Photography.   They are stylish and full of professional flair.

In addition to the quality of the business cards themselves, you know you are going to get excellent customer service when you use Tiny Prints.

When I designed my Christmas cards there was a mistake in the written part.  Tiny Prints pays attention to the details. I immediately got an email AND a phone call to verify the correction.   I mean, maybe I really did want them to say, “May the spirit of the blessed holiday shine up you” instead of “upon you.”    But, they wanted to make sure.   I loved that and it spoke volumes for the company I was doing business with.

Invitations, announcements, stationary, holiday, business cards, photo books, wall calendars, and photo gifts… Tiny Prints does it all.

[The business cards were given to me to review. The opinions I have shared here, though, are fully my own.]

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32 Responses to “First Impressions Matter and Your Business Card Can Make a Lasting One”
  1. 03.29.2010

    looking sharp there lady!

  2. 03.29.2010

    Do people use business cards at blogher?

  3. 03.29.2010

    Absolutely, and I’ll definitely be handing out my MLP cards there!

  4. 03.29.2010

    Thanks, PG!

  5. 03.29.2010

    These are gorgeous! Very professional looking and very classy.

  6. 03.29.2010

    I LOVE the vintage frame. Those are absolutely gorgeous and make a statement, Mishi.

  7. 03.29.2010

    Thanks Mishelle! Looking forward to seeing those cards in person!

  8. 03.29.2010

    Those are GORGEOUS. I am impressed. I’m gonna have to check out more of TinyPrints’ stuff!

  9. 03.29.2010

    Those are absolutely gorgeous! I usually use VistaPrint or MooCards for mine (also on recycled paper for my MooCard), but I’ll have to check out TinyPrints!!

  10. I LOVE those and I ADORE Tiny Prints.

    “shine up you” *snort*


  11. 03.29.2010

    I know, the vintage frame is where I want to live. LOL

  12. 03.29.2010

    You will never go wrong with Tiny Prints! I honestly can’t wait till Christmas to make more cards!

  13. 03.29.2010

    I like Moo’s when I get them, but I know that they slip through the cracks, as far as the ones I have received in the past. I have also used Vista.

  14. 03.29.2010

    I. Know. Right?!

  15. 03.29.2010

    No, thank you, Rick! They hope to see you soon, too! (Wherein “they” really equals “me”)

  16. 03.29.2010

    This is bizarre– I was JUST talking about this with a friend. You are right on! (I personally love MOO because they are so fun!)

  17. I have only heard great things about Tiny Prints. I’ve been using Moo cards but I may have to give these a shot. Thanks!

  18. J

    Great plug! But I KNOW you could sell yourself on a napkin with a crayon..cuz you’re THAT good!

  19. 03.29.2010

    I think they are fun, too, I just feel they are easier to lose.

  20. 03.29.2010

    Hey you! Great to see you ’round these parts. Off to pay you a visit.

  21. 03.29.2010

    You just love me. You knew you would love me from day 1 on Just Mommies, eh?

  22. 03.29.2010

    Thanks, Tara!! I couldn’t agree more!

  23. Ack, you’re visiting at a rather depressing time. I swear I’m still funny.

  24. 03.29.2010

    I’m sorry to hear it. I hope that springs brings a rebirth of spirit for you.

  25. Thank you for this review! I needed business cards and now I know where to go!

  26. 03.30.2010

    What awesome cards!! They’re very stylish, I like them a lot

  27. 03.30.2010

    Very cool. I have this uncanny ability to render my business cards obsolete nearly as soon as their printed – my cards I had at Blissdom? Already incorrect – AND I HAVE OVER 100 LEFT.

    I’m awesome like that.

    (love your cards!)

  28. 03.31.2010

    Love these. There is nothing like a great logo on good paper. Nothing.

  29. 04.02.2010

    very nice!

  30. Tiny Prints caught a typo? That’s impressive. That they actually READ IT (since it wasn’t a misspelled word, but a mistyped word) is even more impressive.

    The business cards look GREAT, but the typo thing REALLY gets me. (I’m an editor. I can’t help it.)

    Every single thing I’ve heard about Tiny Prints has been great.

    BTW, I’m so worried that I’ll leave a typo in this. Ha! :)

  31. 11.04.2010

    the wall calendars that we have at home are just free stuffs that i got from the internet ..

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